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Online Shamanic Courses 

A Comprehensive Series of Online Shamanic Courses 

Three Online Shamanic Courses on Classis Shamanism: Introduction to Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying

These three Online Shamanic Courses will help you build a strong foundation for shamanic work, they are a thorough introduction to shamanic journeying and they share teachings for walking the path of the Shaman

Three Advanced Online Shamanic Courses

Once you have mastered the art of shamanic journeying, the shamanic path opens for you to immerse yourself into advanced teachings of shamanism. You can now familiarise yourself with Ancestral shamanic healing and teachings that will help your spiritual development through initiation, self-realisation, and empowerment.

Online Shamanic Courses: Cosmic Shamanism

This is a series of four online shamanic courses that can help participants understand the human experience through a shamanic perspective, open themselves safely to the spirit worlds, comprehend the eternal journey of the human soul, and ally with the forces of the universe and the cosmic bodies that affect life on Earth. 


The four programmes form a comprehensive foundation course that helps participants make contact with their enlightened spirit guides and helping spirits, and opens their perspective about life and their place on the Earth at this time. 

1: The Shamanic Lifepath – Shamanic Teachings on Personal Expansion and Transformation

The Shamanic Lifepath – Shamanic Teachings on Personal Expansion and Transformation

This Nine Module Online Shamanic Course contains is a comprehensive programme for those seeking to expand their understanding about life and enrich their human experience through the mysticism of shamanism. Shamanic spiritual teachings are both explained and experienced via in-depth practices, stories and rituals.

Module Content – Read More

2: Opening to the Spirit World – Shamanic practices for working safely with spirits

This Five Module Online Shamanic Course is a full immersion into the shamanic perspective of the unseen realms, and the various ways we can access the worlds of spirit: through shamanic journeying, spiritual practice and altar building, dream work, nature work and shamanic initiation. These five modules take us step by step into the shamanic cosmology. We journey together to gain access into the infinity of spirit and steadily start to transcend the limitations of the human experience of our life. 

shamanism online course

Module Content – Read More

3: The Sacred Hoop: Shamanism beyond time. Spiritual Teachings on reincarnation, the end of the First Era & healing our spiritual DNA

online shamanic workshop

This Six Module Online Shamanic Course is for the spiritual seeker who wishes to delve into the mystery of life beyond time and explore reincarnation both for themselves, as well as for the whole of the Earth. The cyclical existence of life beyond life, and the eras of the earth beyond our history books are explained from the shamanic perspective. We look at the karma that humanity keeps re-engaging with; lessons that are not learned repeat themselves. This is the time to heal our consciousness and re-activate the spiritual aspect of our DNA,  

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4: Shamanic Activations 

In this Six Module Online Shamanic Course we ally with the cosmic bodies of grandfather sun and grandmother moon to discover ancient pathways of healing power. We look at the Star Gates built in prehistoric sites and see ourselves as a star seed that arrived on Earth many life-times ago. In this course, the journey takes us through long-forgotten practices, including the blessing of the Holy Spirit and the traditions of hermitage and pilgrimage. Lastly, our explorations bring us back to the physical body that holds the key for the transcended state of enlightenment. 


In addition to the teachings, the course includes an added module about the New Age of the Spiritual Warrior we are transitioning into during these changing times, as well as answers to questions from previous participants. 

Shamanic Activations course

Module Content – Read More

The Golden Book of Wisdom – Ancient Spirituality and Shamanism for Modern Times.

The Four Online Shamanic Courses on Cosmic Shamanism (above) are based on Fotoula’s best-selling book: The Golden Book of Wisdom – Ancient Spirituality and Shamanism for Modern Times. Participants do not need to have read the book to do any of the courses. And for anyone who has read the book, these programmes can take you a step further into your experience of shamanism as a way to understand and live your life.


Please note: Each of the four courses is stand-alone.


Bonus: Each Module in the 4-part series includes a PDF of the relevant chapter of Fotoula’s book

Fotoula's Book – Read More

Online Shamanic Course Seven Module Shamanic Introductory Course – the Shamanic Way

Online Introductory Shamanic Course

This Online Shamanic Course offers a concise introduction into the shamanic ways. We explore foundation teachings on how to journey, access the different etheric planes (lower, middle and upper worlds), work with power animals and spirit guides, build an altar and create ceremony and learn how to work with the Medicine Wheel, the directions and their keepers. 

Online Shamanic Course – Path of the Eagle 1:  Walking the Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey – Four Online Modules

In this  Four Module Online Shamanic Course on classic shamanism, Fotoula Adrimi shares practices, teachings and ceremonies that will help participants access a deeper calling as they walk their shamanic path. It will also strengthen people's journeying experience in the alternative realities.

Online Shamanic Course –Path of the Eagle 2:
Shamanic Purification

Shamanic Purification – Five Online Modules

In this five module Online Shamanic Course Fotoula Adrimi, Shamanic Teacher, shares practices and teachings that help participants purify and cleanse old energies from this and other lives and from our ancestors. This stand alone Course is for all drawn to the shamanic way. Completion of Path of the Eagle 1 is not necessary, only experience in shamanic journeying.

Online Shamanic Course –Path of the Eagle 3:
Ancestral Work

Shamanic Online Modules

Fotoula Adrimi and her helping spirits have created this seven module Online Shamanic Course to help participants heal and clear their ancestral line, and open to the power and gifts of light of their lineage. This is a stand-alone course that is very powrful. It is not necessary to have completed any other Path of the Eagle Course.

Online Shamanic Course –Women's Rites Course
The Magic of the Sacred Blood

Women's Rites Shamanic Course  The Magic of the Sacred Blood – 4 Online Modules

In this four module Online Shamanic Course Fotoula Adrimi guides us as we come together as a community of women to harness our Divine feminine energy and rebirth our sacred self. We join in circle as maidens, mothers. and elders to share ceremonies, wisdom teachings, and the gifts of our soul. 

Online Shamanic Course –Journey of Initiation –
Seven Modules and Fourteen Spiritual Practices

Journey of Initiation – Seven Online Modules and 14 spiritual practices

The Online Shamanic Course, masterminded by high dimensional Beings of Light and facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi, is about soul evoultion and developing our human potential through self-realisation and empowerment. It Course includes a manual, seven modules, and fourteen spiritual practises, each a step in the journey to build your connection with your limitless self

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