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Path of the Eagle 2: Shamanic Purification

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Over 5 modules Fotoula shares practices & teachings that help us purify & cleanse old energies from this & other lives & from our ancestors. (From 81-89mins/module) This stand alone Course is for all drawn to the shamanic way. Completion of Path of the Eagle 1 is not necessary, only experience in shamanic journeying. Module 1: Into the Cauldron of Rebirth – Invoking the Power of Mother Earth We connect to the Ancient Ones, spirit beings who guide us. We set our intention & connect with the altar space. We merge with our power animals & retrieve lost soul parts. We release soul parts of others we are carrying. Module 2: The Green Earth – Purification in the Middle World We connect with the Earth's energy to heal. In the upper word we experience the Earth's light in its pure form. We receive an extraction & reconnect with our body. Module 3: Back to the Underworld – The Pathway of the Dead We dance the skeleton dance & journey to meet the bones of the ancestors. We cleanse the ancestral skeleton & thus our own. We rebuild, re-member our body. Module 4: The Star Connection – The Temple of Light We connect with our star of origin. We merge with the bird people & journey to the upper world for healing of all children and the child within. ​ Module 5: The Cave of the Ancient Teacher – Chiron, the Animal/Human State We meet Chiron, the wise centaur, who is the anthropomorphised shaman. We listen to the voice of silence and flow with the guidance of silent knowledge.




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