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Golden Book Course – Part 3: The Ouroboros

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In Part 3: From the Spirit to the Body – The Ouroboros. Fotoula shares teachings & key exercises from chapters 14 – 19 of the Golden Book of Wisdom. Part 3: 6 Modules (from 85-100mins/module) Module 14: Nature's Seasons & Karmic Winds In flow with the seasons we meet winter's stillness & spring into activity. Our life is cyclical. Each season has a karmic opportunity. Module 15: The Purpose of Incarnation In spirit we understand our divine origin. In body we lose sight of our light. In the game of life we seek to find ourself. Our choices dictate how easy or difficult life will be. Module16: Other Lives, Other Stories, One Light We live parallel, past, present & future lives simultaneously. As we track past & future lives, we heal ourself in the present reality. Module 17: Earth: The Great Experiment In the Earth School, we first lose & then find ourself. Clearing the heaviness from our cells, we shine the Divine light within. By adopting a new paradigm based on love can we create harmony in ourself and in the world. Module 18: Lessons from the Fall of Atlantis for the Current Situation Humanity begins life in the garden of Oneness. Separation is the fall from Grace. The legend of Atlantis teaches us to live in harmony & serve others. Module 19: The DNA Code and the Rays of Divine Consciousness Through the Rays of Divine Consciousness, we discover our ultimate potential, expressed by the divine sequence of the twelve-strand DNA that still exists within us.




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