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3-The Sacred Hoop: Shamanism beyond time. Spiritual Teachings on reincarnation, the end of the First Era and healing our spiritual DNA

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Module 1: Nature's Seasons & Karmic Winds Life is a cycle and even when we feel stuck, there is still movement. In this module we work with life’s seasons that are parallel to the Earth’s seasons, only the duration of the former is unknown. We work with two types of energies, also known as the karmic winds: the energy of the stale air, and the energy of the fresh wind Module 2: The Purpose of Incarnation into Physical Life In spirit we understand our divine origin. In body lose sight of our light. This is Divinely ordained so we can seek to find it again. This module helps us explore the gift our soul carries and brings to the Earth reality, and the gift that each life offers us, including the present one Module 3: Reincarnation Past Life soul retrieval and healing. As we track past & future lives, we heal ourself in the present reality Module 4: Earth: The Great Experiment What is the Earth school and why are we here? What is the purpose of life on this planet? What are the different world before our own? Why do some souls have a difficult experience? Why do some work for the dark? How can we live a spiritual mindful life on the Earth during our times? Module 5: Lessons from the Fall of Atlantis for the Current Reality Humanity begins life in the garden of Oneness. Separation is the fall from Grace. The legend of Atlantis is the past karma, the open wound we still carry. In these times of transition we are called to understand the previous cycle so that we can exit its long-standing pattern Module 6: The Rays of Divine Consciousness and Spiritual DNA Activation Through the Rays of Divine Consciousness, we discover our ultimate potential, expressed by the divine sequence of the twelve-strand DNA that still exists within us




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