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Rays of Divine Consciousness Shamanic Retreat

The Rays of Divine Consciousness Shamanic Retreat

Five Day Residential Retreat – 21-26 May 2024

Retreat is full – contact us to join waiting list

Sacred teachings in a sacred land – join us for a powerful and transformative five day residential retreat in Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

The Rays of Divine Consciousness Spiritual Practice 

This retreat is for anyone who wishes to advance their spiritual path. It is both a shamanic retreat and a healing retreat. And during our time together you will be given spiritual practices that will support your soul’s growth and allow you to transmit light to the world for the highest good of all beings.


In the Retreat we will share teachings on classic shamanism as well as the shamanism of the ancestors of the land who built the standing stones and cairns and left their mark through the ancient petroglyphs. In this most sacred of places we will also share the teachings and spiritual practices for the Rays of Divine Consciousness, which have the potential to transform your spiritual DNA and awareness, and heal and purify karma. 


Fotoula received the Rays teachings through direct revelation on top of Dunadd Hill, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland, in 2012. 

In the Retreat Participants will:

✦  Take part in a ceremony on the ancient hill of Dunadd,   

✦  Receive the Opening of the Crown Initiation that enables you to channel the Rays of Divine Consciousness, 

✦  Participate in Shamanic Ceremony in the Standing Stones of the Circle of the Sun and Moon at Temple Wood, 

✦  Take part in a Full Moon Fire Ceremony, 

✦  Explore connections with the energies of the astral bodies through the petroglyphs that have been left on the land by the ancient people.

✦ Practice the Rays of Divine Consciousness teachings that have the potential to re-activate your spiritual DNA, 

✦  Take part in a karma purification ceremony.  

The Rays Shamanic Retreat

Take Home Spiritual Teachings and Practice

The Rays of Divine Consciousness is a spiritual teaching that you can practice daily or as often as you wish. It consists of specific meditations that re-activate your spiritual DNA. There are 12 Rays and a master Ray. Each Ray may activate a different aspect of Divine Consciousness within us. In the Retreat we will introduce you to the First Ray which you need to practice for a while before you move on to other Rays. Particpants who have already received a particular Ray in a previous Retreat will move to the next Ray.

Support After the Retreat

During the Retreat we will share a transmission of the Rays with the world. We will all channel one of the Rays as an offering to the Earth and all life. After the Retreat we hold monthly transmissions of the Rays, where everyone is invited to take part via zoom, and channel the Rays and receive messages from the enlightened spirit guardians.


The Rays can become your daily meditation and spiritual practice.

Kilmartin Rays Retreat May 2024.png

An Ancient and Sacred Land

The Celtic land of Kilmartin Glen has been described as the Valley of the Kings. It is reputed that the Scottish Kings were crowned on the hill of Dunadd where an ancient footprint embedded in a rock can still be seen today. The footprint marks a powerpoint where etheric energies merge. It is on this hill that we will connect with the Ancient Ones, the wise ancestors, and the spirit of the land that calls us back to the Glen for sacred work. In Medieval times, the land became home to the Knights Templar who have left their mark. Tombstones of the knights can still be seen today in Kilmartin church. 

The Venue for The Retreat – Kilmichael Glen


We will stay in Kilmichael Glen, in three cottages, each with its own living space, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. Accommodation is shared in twin rooms. There are three small bedrooms available for single occupancy. 


Our workshop space is in a beautifully converted barn next to the cottages. Meals can be taken in the barn’s dining room, or outside in the garden tables, weather permitting. The retreat venue is in a beautiful part of the Scottish countryside with green hills around and a stream running through the land. There is also a hot tub available for our use. 



Energy Exchange and Start and Finish Times


The fees for the retreat include: teachings and workshop, residential accommodation in shared rooms, vegetarian lunch and dinner (please bring your own breakfast - there are cooking facilities in each cottage). Coffees, teas and herbal teas are provided.

Booking is essential as places are limited and will be allocated on a first come basis.


The Retreat starts with dinner at 6.00pm on Tuesday 21st May. You are welcome to arrive from 4.00pm.

The Retreat finishes with lunch at 1.00pm on Sunday 26th May.

Total fee: £999.00   Deposit £333.00 secures your place.

Please note the deposit is non refundable and non transferrable.

Participants can also arrange with us to pay the course fee over monthly instalments before the course begins

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Important Considerations


The retreat is vegetarian, and meals are prepared specifically for our group. If you have allergies or you are intolerant to gluten and dairy, please let us know and we will prepare a separate meal for you. 


The ceremony on the hill of Dunadd is a small climb of 175 feet over rocky ground. You do not need to be super fit to climb this hillock, but you know best what you are capable of. We will take time to climb up and help each other down. However, if this is not possible for you, you can still take part in the retreat, but miss this one ceremony. You can stay and relax or hold space in the retreat centre, and when we return, we will do the initiation for you in situ. 


The other sites we will visit are on fairly flat ground, but you will be walking in the countryside and over uneven ground. A short walk will be required, from the parking lot to access the stone circles and petroglyphs. For those of you who are physically challenged, you may need a walking stick to help you walk around the stone circles. 

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