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The Golden Book of Wisdom

Ancient Spirituality and Shamanism for Modern Times – Fotoula Adrimi

In this short video Fotoula gives an overview about her book

“Fotoula’s book is a roadmap of the path up the spiritual mountain. Within her, she carries knowledge of the ancient, indigenous, and western ways.”

(Sandra Ingerman)


“A must-read for novices and seasoned practitioners alike, who will find inspiration on this passionate journey to authenticity and spiritual connection.”

(Leslie Conton, Ph.D, shamanic teacher)


“I highly recommend this book as well as Fotoula’s courses and retreats on shamanism.”

(Bhola Banstola, Nepal Shaman Association)

Buying the Book


This bestseller is available worldwide, both as a paperback and e-book, through online bookstores such as Waterstones, Amazon UK and Amazon Worldwide. You can also purchase a copy in person in Glasgow at Opal Moon spiritual shop, located at 136 Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, G20 8N. 

The retail price of the paperback is £18.00. Some book retailers vary the price and may deliver free of charge. 

If you would like a signed copy of the book (available in the UK only). Please email us at     The cost of a signed copy is £23.00, to cover postage and packaging costs. 

A Roadmap to Spiritual Awakening

The Golden Book of Wisdom reaches into the depths of your soul to retrieve the diamond within. Fotoula Adrimi, shamanic practitioner, healer and teacher combines her extensive therapeutic experience and the latest theories of modern psychotherapy with ancient esoteric knowledge. 


The book offers an applied approach to spirituality, enhanced by groundbreaking teachings from compassionate helping spirits, working to assist our human evolution: The Divine Mother in her manifestation as the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS and THOTH, the God of wisdom and learning. 


The book comprises 24 spiritual lessons taking the reader on a journey of inner awakening. Through personal stories, examples from her therapeutic practice, channellings, teachings, exercises and inspired poetry, Fotoula seeks to guide people inwards, into their own truth. Paving the road to grace through the opening of the heart, the book

is a path of purification, understanding, acceptance and divine connection. 



"My goal is to help readers understand their personal journey, find the meaning of life, and help heal the collective consciousness. I believe that when we discover our inner balance, we can affect positively the collective consciousness, and the world may become a place of harmony and joy." Fotoula Adrimi   

Golden Book of Wisdom by Fotoula Adrimi
Golden Book of Wisdom Best Seller

Employing the ancient symbol of the serpent, the symbol of transformation and healing, the book takes you into a journey of shedding skin; shamanic flight to the spiritual realms; a return to the body seeking wholeness; and finally, into ascension as the rainbow spirit. 

Fotoula Adrimi speaks about her book, shamanism, synchronicities and "blethering meditation" in an interview for BookWeekScotland. The interview was by Kim MacLeod of Indie Authors World. 

This is a guided ceremony from the first chapter of Fotoula's book. Fotoula talks about personal power as life force energy. She reveals how by giving our power away, or having our power taken from us, gaps are created in our energy body that can be filled by foreign unhealthy energies. At the same time, when we take power from others, even when a person gives us their power willingly, we are carrying this person's energy in our aura, we are carrying their burdens. 

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