The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Rays of Divine Consciousness

The Rays of Divine Consciousness are a gift to the world from Archangel Gabriel and the Being of Light, ISIS. 

The Rays activate our 12-stranded spiritual DNA, our ultimate potential. 

Our current two-stranded DNA limits us to the physical three-dimensional reality, whereas the 12-stranded DNA links us with our Divine Consciousness and enlightened state of mind. When the 12-stranded spiritual DNA is activated, we are assisted in our spiritual path. 

We come to understand spiritual truths at a deeper level, as if we always knew them.

The ISIS School offers a monthly Transmission of the Rays which is open to all, giving people the opportunity to experience this energy. There is also a week-long Rays Retreat where participants are attuned to the Rays 

and can begin working with them as a spiritual practice.

The Rays of Divine Consciousness Monthly Energy Transmissions

The Rays of Divine Consciousness Transmissions are offered freely by The ISIS School of Holistic Health. They are open to everyone worldwide – please check you own timezone for Transmission times.

There is no requirement for you to believe in the Archangel Gabriel or the Divine, to participate in any of these transmissions and receive the energy and blessings. 

The Rays Transmission Dates for 2021

16.00-17.00, Sunday 28th February

16.00-17.00, Sunday 21st March

19.00-20.00, Tuesday 27 April

19.00-20.00, Tuesday 11 May

16.00-17.00, Saturday 5th June

16.00-17.00, Sunday 4th July