Bhola Banstola, Nepalese Shaman

Bhola was born in the foothills of Mount Everest in the district of Bhojpur. At a

young age, he was chosen by the ancestral spirits to carry their message and

healing traditions. Bhola received his training from his grandfather who was a

skilful and well-known local shaman. He has also studied shamanism with

different teachers in Nepal, Northeast India, Bhutan and parts of Sikkim

and Darjeeling. 

Bhola was educated in Nepal and India and holds a Master's Degree in Cultural

Anthropology from Delhi University. He is a graduate in Naturopathy from the

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in Calcutta. He has spent long periods with

Shamans in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet and is a bridge between worlds and

cultures. He has been working and teaching all over the world, including his

native country, Asia, Europe and America.


Retreat Prerequisites: A working knowledge of shamanic journeying is required. Fotoula offers in-depth workshops in shamanism and shamanic journeying. Please contact her directly for details –

Residential Retreat


The retreat is residential, with shared accommodation. Meals are vegetarian. If you have special requirements (gluten free, vegan etc), please let us know in advance and we will make provision for you.

The fee for the retreat includes Bhola's teachings, accommodation and food.


Venue: Carronvale House Conference & Rec Centre

             Carronvale Rd, Larbert, FK5 3LH, Scotland

Dates:  18.00, Thurs 30 June - 13.00, Sun 03 July

Cost:     £495.00  / Deposit £250.00 – the deposit

              (non-refundable) secures your place

Book:    To book your place, or if you have any

              questions, please contact Fotoula:



As spaces are limited, please let us know as soon

as possible, if you wish to attend.



Sandra Ingerman's testimonial

"Bhola is an extraordinary shaman who is carrying down a beautiful tradition that he was initiated into by his grandfather. Bhola is a true example of a shaman who can walk into a room and uplift everyone and transform by his presence of light and love. His teaching style is filled with love, clarity, truth, wisdom, and humour. Everyone I know who has studied with Bhola has loved his workshop. And it is a true gift to receive a healing from Bhola. Do not miss any opportunity you have to work with Bhola!"


Sandra Ingerman is a shamanic teacher, and author of many including "Soul Retrieval" and "Medicine for the Earth"

Lord Shiva-hindu god

Shamanic Retreat with Nepalese Shaman – Bhola Banstola
30th June – 3rd July, Larbert, Scotland

Theme – the Shamanic Teachings of Shiva

Bhola Banstola Nepalese Shaman

Lord Shiva is the principal spirit teacher, mentor, and helping spirit for Himalayan Shamans, who are known as Dhami Jhankri, and spiritual healers in Nepal and the Himalayas.


In the workshop we will delve into ancient truths about cosmology and creation, and focus on how the Universe was born from the union of Prakriti (feminine forces) and Purusha (masculine forces). Prakriti refers to the primary cosmic material that is the root of all beings. Purusha is the spirit or conscious energy governing life and reality. The cosmic entity, Purusha, exists beyond time and space and partners with Prakriti in the process of creation. These eternal, indestructible realities join to form the matter we perceive. 


We will also focus on the source of healing practices from the beginning of time, the creation of Primordial Jhankri shamans and subsequent transference of knowledge to humans and attributes of Shiva and his different manifestations which are peaceful, sombre, and wrathful.


Bhola will impart sacred knowledge and conduct traditional shamanic initiations and empowerments

to help us align with these sacred energies that work within and outside time and space. He will also offer the transmission of sacred mantras, mudras and sacred geometry that takes the form of mandalas. This is a transmission of an authentic tradition, which is still practiced and respected throughout the Himalayas.

The Teachings of Shiva