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Singing the Goddess Back

Awakening the Divine Feminine within Ourselves and the World

Fotoula's Vision

As I was drumming a journey for participants in the Shamanic Practitioner’s Course I received a vision. Across the street from my home is a hill with numerous buildings and a small copse of trees. In the vision I saw the hill as it was in ancient times – a beautiful place in nature. The only sign of human activity was a small stone altar on the hilltop.


In the journey I saw the Bride (the Goddess Briget) rising next to the altar. She was telling me that this place was dedicated to her, and it was where her sacred fire was lit at key times of the year. In the vision I saw Briget in her full power and light; in her sovereignty. She was standing, holding a staff of power with a sphere of light at the top. She wore the cow horns as a symbol of the Goddess who nurtures the people. In our current world the Divine feminine is not in her sovereignty. 

The conditioned thinking can view the feminine as lesser than the masculine. This has had huge repercussions in our societies, and both women and men have suffered from this denouncement and denial of the feminine within themselves and in the world.

Singing the Goddess Back

©Briget – artwork by Gill Hastie.
(If you would like a copy of this picture please
email the School – and we will forward your details to Gill.

Awakening the Divine Feminine

©Photograph – Gill Hastie

The Bride said that to heal, men and women must accept, honour and integrate their feminine power, and restore the harmony between these two powers – masculine and feminine. Unless the feminine rises and takes her place once more, the masculine will always be in trauma, pain and unhappiness.


The Invitation

The feminine sovereignty lies within everyone. Briget said that she is in her power, and she wishes to help us embody the Divine feminine power within us and in the world.


She invites us to sing a song once a day to her, the Bride, or the Goddess, or to Mother Earth. As we sing we connect with the vision of the Divine feminine being fully empowered within us and on the Earth. You can do this by yourself.


We have also created a Facebook Group for those who wish to participate in this project and interact as a community –

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May we all walk in beauty

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