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Path of the Eagle 1: Walking the Shamanic Journey

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In this four module online course on classic shamanism, Fotoula Adrimi shares practices, teachings & ceremonies that will help participants access a deeper calling as they walk their shamanic path. It will also strengthen people's journeying experience in the alternative realities. The course has been created through Fotoula's experience in teaching classic shamanism as well as direct revelation from her helping spirits. (From 74-90mins/module) Module 1: Mystical Possession – Working with the Mirror of Truth The first module shares the way of accessing the spiritual worlds that Fotoula was shown through her great aunt's stories as a young child. This is a very effective method that has been practiced for thousands of years and passed down through stories and myths. Module 2: Spider Web of Light – Restoring Cosmic Alignments through Shamanic Journeying We work on the principle of – as above so below – to find the cosmic balance within our body through releasing foreign energy that does not belong to us. Module 3: Your Consciousness and the Collective Earth Consciousness – Planting Seeds of Manifestation We bring the spiritual into the physical. Earth and Sky are seen as the same, the one reality. We work in alignment with the highest good through ceremony and a manifestation practice. Module 4: Awakening the Ancestral Fire – Empowerment for Your Work We meet the ancestors of our lineage, no matter how distant, and receive an empowerment for our shamanic/spiritual work.




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