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Path of the Eagle 3: Shamanic Ancestral Work

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Fotoula Adrimi & her helping spirits have created the course to help participants heal & clear their ancestral line & open to its power & gifts. This is a stand-alone course. Participation in other Path of the Eagle Courses is not required. The only prerequisite is experience in shamanic journeying. 7 Modules 1: Establishing a Link with the Shamanic Ancestors; Meet with the ancestor who works with you & clear the seeds that created unhealthy thoughtforms from the ancestors & your body 2: Strengthening the Lineage; The misuse of power has created imbalance, which can lead to addiction, hopelessness & mental dis-ease. Ceremony to restore the power & heal the male and female ancestors 3: Shamanic Initiation; Initiation by the 1st Shaman & dedication of our shamanic work to the service of the Earth & all beings 4: Learning from the Ancestors the Healing Ways of the Earth; The ancestors teach about life on Earth & welcome you. Healing of the land, including ancestral land, curse removal from the land & ancestors 5: Ancestral Trauma Release; Trauma release ceremony –revealing and healing the ancestral trauma 6: Ancestral Integration Methods; Honouring the spirit team of your ancestors. Receiving spiritual empowerment 7: The Ancestors from the Stars and How to Connect with them; Connect to the gift of your star lineage to the Earth. Fire ceremony of gift offering to the Earth. Activation of soul gift The spirit helpers recommend that the Modules are completed in sequence




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