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The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Fi Sutherland – Coming Home

Awakening through the stillness into the living light

Foreword by Meredith Little 

Cofounder, School of Lost Borders

"In following Fi’s story, and the wonderful teaching on how to access 

our heart and Divine nature, we begin to uncover our own story of wholeness

and connection. Fi is one of those who guides us to question our limited reality, and open to our spiritual nature, which is a birthright of all humanity, and all of life."

Coming Home

To navigate and survive in the world, we create the ego. Functioning like a mask, the ego is our protective shell with which we meet external reality. This is healthy and necessary up to a point—until we believe the mask is all we are. When we realise that there is more to us than the mask, an inner search begins. “Who am I?”

Personal and spiritual development is about seeking the answer to that question by slowly letting the ego mask fall away, step by step. At the same time, we connect with our authentic Self, which supports the inner enquiry. This connection may take us beyond the ego and its worldview into a new and wider understanding of ourselves and life. 

Coming Home: Awakening through the Stillness into the Living Light tells the story of my spiritual awakening out of the ingrained behaviour patterns, thinking, and habits that controlled and directed my life for thirty-eight years, until my first wake-up call at a cinema in 1995. Through the book's five sections and twenty-five chapters, I take the reader on a journey of increasing self-awareness and insight activating the mind, body, spirit, and heart. This knowledge, and the practices and exercises included, are based on my personal experience of awakening, my training as a therapeutic counsellor, my clinical observations with clients, and my awareness of others as a meditation and 

spiritual teacher. 

Buying the Book

The book is available worldwide, as a paperback and an e-book, through online bookstores such as Waterstones, the Book Depository, Amazon UK and Amazon Worldwide. The price of the print book is £12.99. 

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