The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Shamanic Healing Practices

Classic shamanism believes that people experience imbalances and dis-ease in their body because of:

  • Loss of power;

  • Loss of soul essence;

  • Intrusions of foreign energies;

  • Other discarnate spirits who attach to them.

However, in the bigger picture, these are all causes of karma. Karma is created through our actions in this or other lifetimes, which can manifest physically as dis-ease. Sometimes, as part of the journey towards wellness, a person may realise the karmic implications of the problem they are facing. In this case, a combination treatment programme is recommended, including karma purification and personal work.

Dis-ease is the result of cause and effect. Sometimes we become unwell because of secondary karma, due to environmental conditions, energies around us or just because we have momentarily lost our way by taking decisions that do not serve us. This type of karma is relatively easy to overcome.

In other cases, primary karma is deep-seated in our tissues. For us to come into balance, we have to come to terms with this karma. As we explore the energies within the body that cause this imbalance, we discover the links between ourself and others, our attitude to life, our behaviour patterns and ancestral inherited beliefs. Everything that happens to us in life, has the potential to teach us something, if we so wish. 

In order for us to work through such karma, we are invited to go into an inner journey of self-discovery and self-development, so that we can become aware of who we are and what is our true nature. According to the law of karma, everything we experience, we have invited into our life. There are no accidents.

The Shamanic Session

During a shamanic session, the practitioner will work with guidance from the helping spirits. Depending on your intention for healing and your particular situation, there could be a number of helpful healing practices. Most commonly, people receive an extraction and soul and power retrieval healing. However, the healing will be tailored 

to your own needs.  

These are the different healing practices that may be employed during a shamanic session:

Power Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

Past Life Soul Retrieval

Release of Foreign Soul Essence

Shamanic Extraction

Healing the Ancestral Line

Shamanic De-possession

Apart from individual sessions, Fotoula may also be able to energetically help with the wellbeing of places. 

House and Land Clearing