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Shamanic Healing Practices

Shamanic Healing Practices

Shamanic Healing is an ancient spiritual healing practice. A shamanic practitioner travels the parallel realities and consults with helping spirits of light to find and resolve the deeper causes that create difficulties in our lives.


Fotoula Adrimi has been practising shamanism and shamanic healing since 2007 and has worked with hundreds of people. She has been teaching shamanic practitioners since 2012.


The Shamanic Session: During the session, Fotoula will work with guidance from the helping spirits. Depending on the person’s intention for healing and their particular situation, various healing practices may be employed, most commonly, an extraction and soul and power retrieval healing. Each healing is tailored to the person’s needs.  

Different Shamanic Healing Practices

Soul Retrieval : The return of lost soul parts:


Experiencing a traumatic event may cause soul loss. Part of our soul leaves because it would have been too traumatic to experience the full extent of the event consciously. As a result, we may find ourselves operating on automatic pilot, feeling resentment and dissatisfaction, or that we do not want to be here. We may also experience unending grief after the death of a loved one, who may have taken part of us with them. Soul loss is widespread in our western world. In the long term it deprives of our ability to feel good about ourselves and life. To learn more about soul retrieval read Fotoula’s article: Soul Retrieval: An ancient shamanic practice of inner transformation

Soul Remembering: Activating the memory of your soul prior to incarnation


Sometimes we wander aimlessly in life, feeling lost or not knowing what is the right thing for us to do. Depression and hopelessness can stop us experiencing the gifts of life. During soul remembering we journey back to the time before incarnation when we decided to incarnate into this current life. We activate the memory in our body and we make peace with life.

Power Retrieval: Empowerment from within


The shamanic belief is that each person is born with a certain amount of life force or power. However, as each of us journeys through life, we can lose our personal power for various reasons, such as difficult life circumstances and controlling relationships. We can give our power away to family members, managers, work, religion, governments etc. In these circumstances, we journey to the alternative reality to retrieve the light-force energy we need in our life.

Shamanic Extraction: Releasing the energies that do not belong to us


This is a shamanic healing that is used to remove negative/heavier energy and spiritual blocks from the body and aura. These are energies we may have picked up from our environment or from other people. In shamanism, localised discomfort is often due to a foreign energy, called an intrusion.



The shamanic belief is that some spirits, either in human form or otherwise, can become lost and link to a human being to draw energy from them. In such cases, the person’s thoughts and behaviour can be influenced by these discarnate entities. In extreme circumstances, a person may develop the same physical conditions as the spirit entity. It may be possible to remove discarnate spirits from a person's auric field in one session, especially if the possession has been recent. However, in long-standing cases, a series of healing treatments may be needed, especially if there is a karmic link between the person and the possessing spirit, for example if this is the spirit of a close relative. In complex cases of karmic links, even if the spirits are removed, they may return: the person can be, unconsciously, drawing these entities to them, perhaps because of long-term co-dependancy issues, so deep spiritual and healing work is needed.

Ancestral Healing


This work helps clear ancestral karma and patterns that we have inherited and are manifesting in our life, limiting our potential and creating imbalance, dis-ease, patterns of behaviour and difficulties in our lives. The healing can also clear curses that have been carried through generations. It can help discarnate ancestors who are still attached to the physical plane, pass to the spiritual realms and find peace. Ancestral healing also teaches us how to honour our ancestors and work with them in harmony. Fotoula will share with you, ways to express your gratitude to your ancestors, which may open you to the gifts of your lineage and blood.

Past Life Regression Therapy


Sometimes, our blocks and behavioural patterns originate from a different life, either in the past or the future. By experiencing what has happened in another life, we can gain understanding about our behaviours and belief systems in this life. Through this process, we may also be able to release long-standing emotional traumas. Experiences from past lives, and past life karma, can re-occur in this life. Through the power of grace, compassion and forgiveness of the self and others, we can release these ties. 

Past Life Soul Retrieval


After working for some years with past life regression clients, I realised something was missing from the process. For some clients, awareness and healing of what happened in a past life was not enough. Due to the trauma of an event, they had dissociated, and part of their soul essence remained stuck in that life. Consequently, as part of my past life regression therapy, I introduced soul retrieval. Now, I also work with clients to identify any parts of them that still remain in a past life, helping them to integrate these parts back into their body in this life. In so doing,

the client gains both awareness and empowerment to move on from what is blocking them in their current life. 

Release of soul parts belonging to others


This is a shamanic ritual designed to gently release the soul essence/power that you may have taken, either willingly or accidentally, from others. This will enable you to free yourself from foreign energy and give yourself the opportunity to draw from your own resources and re-align with your own soul essence.

House Clearing and Land healing


Inappropriate human activities, unskillful energies or discarnate spirits can lower the vibration of land or buildings, creating disharmony in peoples’ lives. These energies can be shamanically cleared and healing can take place to restore balance, working with the nature spirits. At the same time, you will be invited to see yourself as a caretaker of your space and live in harmony with your environment to ensure its long-term wellbeing. If you yourself are engaged in spiritual work and through the evolution of your consciousness, you have the ability to transform your home and land into a place of beauty.

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