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4-Shamanic Activations

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1: The Power of the Sun The ancient priesthood of the Sun, the Sun as a Living Being who nurtures all life. We introduce the omphalos stone, found in sun temples in the eastern mediterranean and elsewhere. Exploring the healing power of the Sun, invocation to the Sun. Activation through the etheric power of the Sun 2: The Guiding Light of the Moon & the Great Cosmic Mother The moonlight shines into our unconsciousness, revealing a pool of hidden wisdom & feminine power. The Moon’s link to the triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother, Crone explained through a Celtic story. Significance of the moon phases. The Priestesses of the Moon & the Great Cosmic Mother. Activation in a prehistoric stone circle of the moon 3: Star Alignments On sacred sites we meet the legacy of the ancient ones & walk through star gates of power. The gates link to constellations that support the Earth school & help us increase our inner knowledge & awaken our light. The significance of the Sirius star to life on Earth & its connection to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis. Activation: Connecting to a Star Gate 4: The Holy Spirit The ancient Order of the Doves that finds its way into the early Celtic Christian Church, Iona & the Holy Isle, before it disappears. The blessing of the Holy Spirit. Becoming the pure vessel. Activation: Receiving the blessing of the Holy Spirit 5: Our Golden Core: Awaken, Enlighten, Ascend The spiritual & shamanic path towards enlightenment & ascension. How do the helping spirits describe our process of evolution into the Divine Self. The soul's purpose to awaken from the illusionary dream of the conditioned world 6: The Dawn of the Age of Horus & Q&A session. We explore the new era of the Spiritual Warrior & the ancient Egyptian prophesy of the re-emergence of Horus. It is through the spiritual path that the two states of matter & spirit come into Oneness: “we are the traveller & the journey. The map & the hand that wrote it. The sun & shadow. We are whole.”




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