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Golden Book Course – Part 4: The Rainbow Spirit

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Part 4: The Rainbow Spirit – Fotoula shares the teachings & key exercises of the last 6 chapters of The Golden Book of Wisdom Part 4: Six Modules (from 80-110mins/module) Module 20: The Power of the Sun We immerse ourself in the sun's life force energy to discover the radiance of our spirit. The sun, the bringer of life & nurturer of all existence on Earth , is helping us awaken from the egoic mind. Module 21: The Guiding Light of the Moon & the Great Cosmic Mother The moonlight shines into our unconsciousness, revealing a pool of hidden wisdom & feminine power. The light of the moon is an invisible yet powerful vibrational ray that moves the waters of the oceans & exposes our ego. Module 22: Star Alignments On sacred sites, we meet the legacy of the ancient ones & walk through star gates of power. These gates link to constellations that support the Earth school & help us increase our inner knowledge & awaken our light. Module 23: The Grace of the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit brings light, truth, & life to the world. It lifts the veil of the conditioning. Through its blessing we become aware of the Divine within. Module 24: Our Golden Core: Awaken, Enlighten, & Ascend We awake through the heart & find the path to enlightenment & ascension. The soul's purpose is to awaken from the dream of the conditioning. Module 25: The Dawn of the Age of Horus & Q&A session We are the traveller & the journey. The map & the hand that wrote it. The sun & shadow. We are whole.




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