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Past Life Regression Therapy Course – Practitioner

Tues 9th – Sun 14th Nov

In this six-day course Fotoula Adrimi will teach the art of past life regression and how it can be used for therapy work. 

Since graduating as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the University of West London and the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, Fotoula has specialised in past life therapy work. Through her work she has found that people sometimes carry issues, patterns and spiritual blocks from other lives into their current life. Some even experience physical conditions, the root cause of which originated in another life.

In this six-day course Fotoula will teach the art of past life

regression and how it can be used for therapy work. She will also

teach participants how to bring back and integrate any essence

and energy that is stuck in another life. In such cases, knowing

what happened, may not be enough for the person to heal – they

also need a soul retrieval.

Fotoula was given this important piece of work, which she calls

‘Past Life Soul Retrieval’ by her shamanic helping spirits. For more

information refer to Fotoula’s book, The Golden Book of Wisdom:

ancient spirituality and shamanism for modern times – Chapter 15:

Incarnation, and Chapter 16: Other Lives, Other Stories, One Light.

In the workshop participants will learn the relevant skills to work

therapeutically with past life regression. The course can be taken by those interested in working as a Past Life Regression Therapist, as well as anyone who would like to delve deeper into understanding past life work.


Experience in meditation and therapeutic work

The Course is certified. A certificate is issued following the successful submission of casework after the course.

Course Details

Date:    10.00-17.00, Tues 9th Nov – Sun 14th Nov      

Venue:  Glasgow

Cost:     £695.00. Deposit: £295.00, to book your place

In this follow-on course we track and collect our essence beyond time and space. We see ourselves as part of a multi-dimensional universe where we have lived lives in other forms and in parallel realities. We travel beyond the human form, to what we call the past and the future. We bring everything into the moment of now to gain understanding of our soul’s journey.

As we collect knowledge and energy from previous existences and parallel worlds, we have the opportunity to appreciate further our infinite Self and our Divine essence. At the same time we learn how to support others through past life work.

Prerequisite: Past Life Regression Course – Practitioner, with the ISIS School of Holistic Health

The Course is certified. A certificate is issued following the course.

More details will follow.


Master Practitioner – Past Life Regression Therapy Course

2022 – dates TBC