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Past life Regression Therapy Course

Past Life Regression Therapy Course – Practitioner

Dates for New Course TBC 

In this six-day course Fotoula teaches the art of past life regression and how it can be used for therapy work. She will also teach participants how to bring back and integrate any essence and energy that is stuck in another life through past life soul retrieval.

We explore our incarnations beyond time, in what we call the past or the future, to bring closure to what hinders us, heal deeply, evolve, and transform.


Since graduating as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the University of West London and the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, Fotoula has found that people sometimes carry issues, patterns and spiritual blocks from other lives into their current life. Some even experience physical conditions, the root cause of which originated in another life. She has developed this course from her extensive experience of working with clients and with the help of her spirit guides.

Past Life Regression Course

Key Themes:

❤️  Learn how to carry out past life regression to resolve what hinders your clients in the present moment.

❤️  Take part in ceremonies that strengthen your link with your soul's purpose as well your intention for incarnating in this life.

❤️  Work with your Higher Self and the Infinite Spirit that you are beyond life.

❤️  Activate the gifts of your soul and bring them back into this current life.

❤️  Meet with the Lords of Karma for deep release and healing.

❤️  Work to integrate the parts of you who are stuck in other lives and have not crossed over.

❤️  Access the space between lives and the space after death.

❤️  Access your body's wisdom and its inherent knowledge of your past life's traumas that need healing.

❤️  Past Life Healing work for the collective, humanity and life on Earth

❤️  Past Life soul retrieval therapy.

❤️  Life after healing: how you can integrate the healing into your life and direct the energy for your highest good.


This is a rich and deep training of six days and it is certified, following casework.

The training is experiential and interactive. You will practice and experience the teachings in a safe space with the other participants in the course, either 1-1 or through group work.

This training not only teaches you how to regress people into a past life, it combines clinical hypnosis, shamanism, light energy healing techniques, and ancient spirituality, to help people heal deeply and move forward, accessing a new level of wholeness and well-being.

Fotoula's qualifications and training: Fotoula graduated as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the University of West London and the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, and then specialised in past life therapy work. As a shamanic teacher and an energy healer, she follows a much broader view of the cosmos based on ancient spiritual teachings. She acquired a wealth of applied knowledge and healing methods that help others understand the multi-faceted being that they are and unveil their inherent soul gifts, in service to all.


Experience in meditation, spiritual work, and therapeutic work

The Course is certified. A certificate is issued following the successful submission of casework after the course.

Course Details to be confirmed

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