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Women's Rites Course: Magic of the Sacred Blood

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4 module course by Fotoula Adrimi (79-97mins/module) We harness our Divine feminine energy & rebirth our sacred self & work with the phases of the moon as maidens, mothers & elders to share ceremonies, wisdom teachings, & our soul's gifts Module 1 – Waxing Moon – The Path of the Maiden: Welcoming Ourselves into Womanhood We honour our body & the Divine feminine energy flowing into our sacred womb & the first time we bled. We acknowledge the holy flow that makes life possible. We open to be the Creative Being who nurtures & births all life Module 2 – Full Moon – The Path of the Mother: Birthing New Life Our work becomes Temple work. The womb is the Temple of the Great Mother, the Creative Force of the Universe. When the Temple is blocked it is difficult to flow with life. We harness the full moon to activate our soul’s purpose & bring the soul's gifts into the world. Module 3 – Waning Moon – The Path of the Elder: Guiding the Tribe To embody elderhood is to embody the wise woman, the one who teaches, guides, holds space & supports. The womb space grows to include the whole tribe. Our family is the world community where all beings are viewed as sisters and brothers. The elder is embodied through the guidance of spirit. Module 4 – New Moon – Into the Mystery The spiral energy of the cosmos takes us into our centre. We connect with with the void, the place of all possibilities & work with our vibration, sound & energy. We step into the universal flow of the inner being.




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