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The Teachings of the Living Light are a path to Awakening and Ascension that can span

lifetimes. These Teachings, also known as The Path of ISIS, aim to open us to the

Light of the World, so that we can become that Light.

The Path of ISIS / The Path of the Living Light –
Four ways to engage with the Teachings

The Path of ISET is the Path towards the embodiment of the Divine Self. Although the Path is remembered through direct revelation from the Spirit of ISET to her channel, Fotoula Adrimi, and refers to the Golden Times of ancient Egypt, this Path has always been around in various forms. Fotoula's guidance from ISET is to reintroduce these teachings in a way that is appropriate for our times.

The ISIS School offers teachings for this Path under four strands

1. The Ancient Initiate: ISIS / ISET

2. Dipping a Toe: IM-HOT-TEP

3. The Seeker of Knowledge: THOTH

4. The Activator of the Living Light: OSIRIS / AUSIR

Welcome to
The ISIS School of Holistic Health
The Path of the Living Light 

An international school of shamanism,
Teachings of the Living Light/
ISIS Healing & Path of ISIS, spiritual awakening,
meditation, healing and soul expansion 

The Path of ISIS
The Path of ISIS / Living Light Teachings

Welcome to

The Path of ISIS:

The Teachings of the Living Light

The Ancient Initiate:

Enter the Mystery School and practice the Teachings of Ascension through the Seven Gates of Awareness and the Five Circles of AUSIR.


A lifetime commitment to deep spiritual work and personal development awaits.


Dipping a Toe:


Introduction to the spirituality of

Ancient Egypt: A Webinar with an overview of the

Path of the Living Light

that includes a

spiritual journey to the Pyramid Complex.


The Seeker of Knowledge: THOTH

Living Light 1: Teachings on the esoteric knowledge of the spirituality of Ancient Egypt.

A Seven Module

Webinar series with theory and guided spiritual practices.


The Activator

of the Living Light: OSIRIS/AUSIR

Living Light 2: Through a series of practices based on the Teachings of Death and Resurrection you activate your multi-dimensional self and gain access to the Living Light frequency.

A Seven Module series of energy work.

Nut the sky goddess

Fotoula speaks about the

Path of ISIS / the Path of

the Living Light

The Living Light spiritual courses focus on the awakening process through personal and spiritual development. 

In this video Fotoula guides

us in a spiritual practice where we invoke the power of the Wings of ISET (ISIS) through chanting, and connect with the inter-dimensional portal

of the Star Sirius through meditation.


The intention of the practice

is to awaken our inner light through the fire of creation.

I found the Path of the Living Light after I had my first ever vision, when ISIS came and invited me to walk through the door of my soul's calling. When I attended the first course I had a profound experience of coming home. I wept tears of beauty and joy as I experienced a wholeness that I never realised existed. I had found my path, I had found my teachers, I had found my community, I had found myself; all from ISIS opening the ways for me once again in this lifetime. I am so eternally grateful and blessed that I may walk the way of the Living Light once again on this Earth. Continually falling deeper into the truth of who I am and embodying the power and light of my infinite spirit that is a gift to All. May all beings truly know the beauty and light that they are. May all beings find their way home 🙏🏼🌈

Amanda Gilliland

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