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Below is a list of the upcoming Path of ISIS courses.

ISET also offers Initiates the opportunity to repeat the courses for half price –

please check availability with Fotoula and Fi if you are thinking of repeating a course.

Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1 Course –  3 days, 10.00-17.00, 24-26th March

The introductory course for the Path of ISIS Teachings

AUSIR 1 Course – 3 days, 10.00-17.00, 21-23 April

(this is the next course for Initiates after the Gate 2 course)

(Initiations for AUSIR 1 will take place on Thursday 20th April)

AUSIR 2 Course – 2 days, 10.00-17.00, 29-30 April

(this is the next course for Initiates after the Gate 3 course)

(Initiations for AUSIR 2 will take place on Friday 28th April)

AUSIR 4 Course – 4 days, 10.00-17.00, 26-29 May

(this is the next course for Initiates after the Gate 5 course)

(Initiations for AUSIR 4 will take place on Thursday 25th April)

GATE 2 Course – 3 days, 10.00-17.00, 09-11 June

(this is the next course for Initiates after the Healing Path of ISET, Part 2 course)

(Initiations for Gate 2 will take place on Thurs 8th June)

This is an opportunity for Initiates of the Living Light to come together and practice the mystery school teachings. Each Circle is unique and guided by ISET through her channel Fotoula.

The Circle usually includes a meditation, visualisation, chanting or ceremony. 


Anyone who has attended the Spiritual Path of ISET – Part 1, 3-day Course can join these Circles

Circle Dates for 2023 (UK timezone)

There are no ISET Initiate Circles in January & February

19.00-20.30, Friday 10th March

19.00-20.30, Tuesday, 18th April

The investment for each Circle is £15.00 and can be paid either by bank transfer or via PayPal using the email address – Please email us to confirm your attendance and we will send you the Zoom link for the online session. (We will no longer be sending out an audio recording of the Circle. The recordings will only be available through the Subscription Plan – see below.)

(Please note: investments are non-refundable and non-transferable).


In order to create a safe and sacred space, no recordings of the webinars are permitted

other than by the host with participants permission. 

ISET Initiates Circle – Subscription Plan

ISET has asked us to create a Subscription Plan whereby Initiates of the Living Light

can now pay a monthly investment of £15.00 and receive :

  • Access to the live Online ISET Initiate Circles; and

  • Unlimited access to the audio recordings from previous ISET Initiate Circles

(the plan can be cancelled at any time)


  • First, sign up through the LOG IN button at the top right of the webpage (if you have already signed up
    and are a Site Member through doing other ISIS School Courses there is no need to re-register)


  • Email us to let us know you wish to Subscribe  – we will send you the password that allows you
    to access
    the Subscription Plan

  • Then go to the Subscription Webpage – either press
     SUBSCRIBE button or go to MORE on the Main Menu
     choose ISET Circle Subscription,
    enter the password
     and sign up to the plan
    (£15.00 per month)

This will give you access to a private page with a playlist of all the Recordings from previous ISET Initiate Circles. We will also send you the zoom link for the upcoming Live ISET Initiate Circle. If you cannot attend the live Circle you will have access to the recording when it is uploaded to the page.

ISIS Temple Philae Egypt

ISET Initiates Community Page

ISET Wings-Gill Hastie.jpeg

May we all continue our spiritual work

to overcome the conditioning and discover that our light is more powerful than the chaos.


As the ancient Egyptians said thousands of years ago, let us rise out of the dark night of the soul

and into the living Sun that we are.

“I rise in the eastern side of the Sky,

where the Enlightened Ones are born

and I am born as HOR-AN

(the enlightened spirit), as the endless Horizon.

I am one with everything, Sirius is my Sister,

the Morning Star my offspring."

Path of ISIS / Path of the Living Light – Upcoming Courses

ISET Initiates Online Circle – Next Circle: Friday 10th March 

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