The ISIS School of Holistic Health, UK

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

The ISIS Energy Transmissions

The energy of ISIS, as channelled by the teachers of The School, Fotoula and Fi, and 

other ISIS practitioners, is a Golden Ray of unconditional love. This is one of the highest vibrational energies available to our planet. The energy works through our heart centre aiming to align us with our soul's purpose and our blueprint. 

The energy also has healing benefits. There is no requirement for you to believe in ISIS 

or in the Divine, to receive the healing energy and participate in the ISIS Energy Transmissions. 

The School offers everyone the opportunity to connect distantly with the energy through the ISIS Transmissions, 

and experience the healing qualities of this energy. 

The Transmissions take place between 7.00-8.00pm on Wednesday evenings (UK time). There is a Transmission of energy through a crystal grid, from ISIS and other Enlightened Beings, supported in the physical plane by Fotoula Adrimi and Fi Sutherland, The School's teachers, as well as other ISIS practitioners, who join distantly. 

Instructions on how to connect with the Transmissions 

  • Email the School to let us know you wish to join in the transmission. In your email include your first name and the  dates of the transmissions you wish to connect with. The email must reach us at least one day prior to the Transmission. Email either or
  • Include one short sentence about what you want the healing for.
  • At 7pm on the day of the Transmission, open your heart and ask to connect with the Transmission and to receive a healing for what you want and your Highest Good. (The healing energy may take account of your wishes, but it always works for the Highest Good.) 
  • Then lie down or sit in silence. It is important to avoid reading or using computers, television, radio and phones for the duration of the Transmission. 
  • At the end of the healing, it is suggested to offer a prayer of gratitude. 

The Transmission lasts an hour but you can disconnect at any time. Sometimes the energy may be strong and it is recommended that you rest afterwards, avoiding alcohol and drinking plenty of water. 

This is a very high vibrational energy that works deeply within the body and mind. Some people who suffer from dis-ease may experience pain, as the energy tries to clear long-term blockages. The pain may last up to a few days and during that time it is recommended to take plenty of rest and keep drinking water. 

Please note that you engage with any distant transmission or healing, at your own risk and there is no liability for 

The ISIS School of Holistic Health or any other people taking part in the healing. 

Instructions for ISIS Practitioners

Email Fotoula or Fi to let us know you wish to join in the Transmission. In your email include the dates of the Transmission(s) you wish to connect with. The email must reach us at least one day prior to the Transmission. 

Initiates are asked to create sacred space and perform the Opening of the Wings practice. Then intend to join with 

the Grid of Light and allow the energy to flow to you. The Transmission lasts a full hour but you can stop any time 

you wish. When you stop, close down using the third and fourth symbols from the First Gate and a veil of protection. 

Practitioners may also wish to request healing for friends and family, from whom they have direct permission. 

Please contact the School to provide the first name of the people requesting healing and the specific date(s), 

by emailing

After the Transmission

During the Transmission you receive a download of high vibrational energy. At the same time, spiritual healers may be working on your body, whether you are aware of them or not. As a result, you may feel tired and sleepy, or you may experience discomfort. In some cases, spiritual operations may take place to remove blockages.

It is important to rest and relax after the Transmission, and if possible to take it easy for the next 24 hours. 

For people who currently face serious physical challenges, it is recommended that they rest for 48 hours following a Transmission. If you feel pain or discomfort, this is not unusual and it is showing that the energy is working. If the pain is too uncomfortable, you could ask as part of your intention, for a more gentle healing.  

ISIS Energy Transmissions

The Transmissions take place on Wednesday evenings 

between 7.00-8.00pm (UK time). (If you are connecting 

from overseas please convert the time to your own timezone.)


Sept   –  26th

Oct     –  3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

If you find the energy transmission beneficial and you wish to make 

a donation, this would be welcomed. You can do this through paypal 

with the email address which is linked 

to a paypal account.