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The Healing Practitioners in the World website has been designed to help you find a competent

and professional healing practitioner to support you in your healing journey towards wholeness.

All healing practitioners listed have graduated from The ISIS School of Holistic Health and

attended long-term courses and workshops that include active participation and casework.

Following a heartfelt calling to help others, all of the members of

the Healing Practitioner Website have dedicated many hours of

study to become healing practitioners. Each person listed has

worked to harness their inherent skills and gifts and is committed

to their personal and spiritual development. The practitioners make

their expertise available to you in a professional therapeutic setting.​

The healing practitioners on the site offer their services

                                                                                  under four key areas: Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing,

                                                                                  Spiritual Celebrant, and Past Life Regression.


Healing Practitioners In the World

Healing Practitioners in the World Website

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