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Introduction to Shamanism Course

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7 Modules exploring teachings on journeying, accessing different worlds, working with power animals & spirit guides, building an altar & working with the Medicine Wheel. 83-94mins/module 1 – Connecting with Power Animals We have animal Guides; one from birth & others who help our shamanic work. They teach us through deep experiences & soul connection. They are our protectors 2 – Connecting with the River of Life Life-force energy & flow build & strengthen our etheric body & our capacity to work with etheric energy. We journey through the river of life & surrender to its flow 3 – Shamanic Journey to the Lower World The pathway to the lower world(s) opens through purification with the water element & the energy of the caves of the Earth 4 – East: Merging with the Eagle: The Way of the Rising Sun The Eagle & the light of the east guide us in a journey of initiation & new beginnings. We seek rebirth in the Medicine Wheel 5 – South: The Lesson from Fox/Coyote We continue on the Medicine Wheel – through the fires of the south we access the lower world. The fox teaches us about energy loss and fragmentation 6 – West: The Strength of the Bear We focus on practical shamanism that supports us to live our soul's path & take care of our family, tribe & the Earth 7 – North: Mother Earth & Buffalo/Cow Offering a practice of transformation & healing. We learn about ceremony & build our shamanic personal practice It is suggested to leave a week between modules to allow integration




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