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Journey of Initiation - 7 Module Online Course

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The course, masterminded by high dimensional Beings of Light & facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi, is about developing our human potential through self-realisation & empowerment. It consists of a manual & 7 modules offering 14 practises, each a step in the journey to build your connection with your limitless self Module 1: Building the Foundation for the Journey Meet a master of light, a spirit guide & receive an attunement of resonance through the chakra system; Create an altar to support your journey Module 2: Blueprint Activation: our ultimate potential Activation of your blueprint to access inner abilities; Connect etherically to an ancient mystery school to receive initiation Module 3: Stepping into the Grid of Power Become a conscious part of the ley line network & experience the interconnectedness of life Module 4: Initiation Resurrection of the authentic Self & 2nd Initiation; Receive a personal symbol in a healing journey & an activation of codes of power Module 5: Embodying the Spiritual Calling Merge with Beings of Light; Transfigure into your essence; the mirror of Truth, revealing sacred geometry & soul light Module 6: Changing Skin – Reclaiming the Earth Activation of your healing potential through the Blue Ray attunement; Removing discordant etheric energies from your aura; Module 7: Stepping into the Flow as a Caretaker of the Earth The hall of the Seven Gates; Attunement to star energies from the Pleiades; Activation of the soul's gifts; Third Initiation




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