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Golden Book Course – Part 2: The Flying Serpent

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In Part 2: Into the Spirit – The Flying Serpent. Fotoula shares the teachings & key exercises from chapters 9 – 13 of her book. Part 2: Five Modules (from 75-100mins/module) Module 9: The Spirit World - Lifting the Veil To comprehend our life, we ally with spiritual entities of light. Other dimensions exist parallel to our own, which we can access to communicate with the spirit beings who inhabit them.   Module 10: Parallel Realities Our spirit knows of fantastical worlds – our mind is catching up with our inner reality. Divine consciousness manifested the physical & spiritual worlds & an infinite number of life forms, orchestrating a divine play to learn about itself. Module 11: The Dream State Dreams are a source of insight and direction. Observing the dream we reflect on the illusion of life. What is real & what is fake? Am we asleep, or awake? Dreams can give us information about our life & soul's purpose & show us situations where we are out of balance.   Module 12: Connecting to Mother Earth We are guests on Earth – we honour our host & all other life forms. All energy is linked together through etheric energy lines, called the 'web of live' – a rich source of healing, guidance & wisdom.   Module 13: Initiation: A Spiritual Life Through initiation, we open the doorway to our authentic Self. Through initiation we free ourselves of the conditioning and experience a heart opening & a deepening of our spiritual process.




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