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2-Opening to the Spirit World-Shamanic Practices for working safely with spirits

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1: The Spirit World - Lifting the Veil The spirit world explained from a shamanic perspective. Who are the guides & helping spirits & how can we open a door of spirit communication in a safe way. Building bridges that serve the highest good, we may wish to start to include shamanic practice in our daily life 2: Parallel Realities Our spirit knows of fantastical worlds – our mind is catching up with our inner reality. Shamans work in parallel realms, known collectively as the alternative reality. These realities are not just aspects of our imagination they are as real as our own “middle” or physical realm. IWe look into the purpose & gifts of this multi-dimensional universe 3: The Dream State Dreams are a source of insight and direction. Observing the dream we reflect on the illusion of life. What is real & what is fake? Am I asleep, or awake? Dreams can give us information about our life & soul's purpose & show us situations where we are out of balance. Dream work is an important source of inspiration for shamans. Guiding dreams can offer answers. Healing dreams may even remove dis-ease. Transformative dreams create shifts in our life & change the direction of our life 4: The Spirit of Earth and Nature Spirits We are guests on Earth. We honour our host & all other life forms. All energy is interlinked through etheric energy lines, known as the 'web of live' – a rich source of healing, guidance & wisdom. The spirits of the land are responsible for the wellbeing of the Earth & the beings living on it, including humans. We open ourselves to the spirits of the middle world- the fairy realm, that has its own rules of engagement. 5: Shamanic Initiation Initiation is an important step in our shamanic path. It is where we meet spirit & are opened to do the spiritual work we dedicate ourselves to. Each initiation meets us where we are. Sometimes is can be an instant experience, other times it works in the background and its gifts become apparent over time.




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