The School offers a holistic approach to meditation that encompasses movement, silence, conscious breathing, sacred sound/mantras, gratitude, love and kindness and guided meditation practices. Some of these practices originate from the Buddhist and Hindu spiritual traditions, some from the ancient world, while others are universal. The meditation school aims to bring together the wisdom from different spiritual traditions and weave them in a way that is accessible to the western mind.

Meditation is the bridge for the soul to link with its Divine Origin 

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice, the purpose of which is spiritual awakening beyond physical form. Ancient cultures created meditation practices to harness the power of the Divine inside the body and the Universal Divine Energy (Prana) that exists everywhere. These practices were designed to bring together the body and mind and awaken the Divine Heart. Meditation, in this context, is a way of becoming aware of the bigger perspective whilst in a human body. 

Why meditation helps the evolution of the soul

The evolution of the soul is about becoming aware of who we are and the immense possibilities that lie within

us. Society has defined us by a very narrow and restrictive framework. In the esoteric tradition, our soul has

to realise itself. We take incarnation within different societies and different realities, where we are invited to acknowledge our own gifts beyond the social conditioning. Meditation is a way of discovering the core of who we are – a Divine Being living in a body, through choice. 


The evolution of the soul takes place through experiencing different realities and through acknowledging our responses to various circumstances. At some point we realise that we have to make different choices than those our conditioned mind would have us take. At this point we are listening to the voice of our wisdom mind. Our challenge is to continually value and listen to this voice beyond the conditioning. Meditation helps us dive into the wisdom mind, to hear the voice of our soul essence and differentiate between this voice, and the voice of

the conditioning. 

For me something magical/ transformative happens on a Thursday evening when our Meditation Circle comes together energetically to chant. I feel a vibration rising. During the meditative part of the circle which follows, I feel the integration of the energy and often feel light wrapping around me.


I feel that because Fi holds such a beautiful safe supportive healing space for co- creation, amazing things can and do happen. Thank you so much Fi for sharing your beautiful light with us, and thank you to all that I share this special time with.



The Lotus School of Meditation

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The Lotus School of Meditation

Welcome to

The Lotus School of Meditation


We meditate in order to reflect back to the

world  our inner reality, rather than allowing the

world to reflect to us who we are

(channelled from Guru Rinpoche by Fotoula Adrimi)

Autumn Leaves

Fi has been meditating daily since 1995. In this short video she shares teachings on meditation.

Taking incarnation as

a human being offers us

a wonderful opportunity 

to awaken our Divine Consciousness whilst living in a physical form