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1-The Shamanic Lifepath: Shamanic Teachings on Personal Expansion and Transformation

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The Shamanic Lifepath: Shamanic Teachings on Personal Expansion and Transformation


1 Reclaiming Personal Power In shamanism, personal power & life-force are linked. Fear & control rob us of life-force energy & create unhealthy attachments. We carry other peoples’ energies & issues. Yielding fear we restore our energy & reclaim our power 2 From the Ego Shadow to Unconditional Forgiveness  Unforgiveness in one of the causes of soul loss . The ego-shadow manifests & stops us living life. Through sacred practices we accept ourselves, embrace our vulnerability & discover freedom through unconditional forgiveness   3 The Spiritual Nature of Illness The physical body reflects our soul's plan for growth. Illness may be part of our soul's journey – a teacher for us, or part of a purification process. Shamanic Healing addresses the core of illness. This module explains the different causes of illness & tracks them back to the spiritual disconnection from our power & light   4 Surrendering to Death – Before, During & Forever After Shamans views death as an ally and heal the dead & the living. We explain what happens at death & how we can prepare shamanically. Surrendering to death, we make peace with life   5 Soul Retrieval & Soul Reclamation Reuniting with our soul, we become whole. The practice of soul retrieval   6 Karma – What we manifest in the World Everything we do, think & speak, we become. In the game of life, we play out our karma. An analysis of positive & negative karma & how we can release karmic seeds from a shamanic perspective   7 Discovering our Life Purpose As we travel our soul's path we remember our inner calling & experience the eternal sunshine of who we are. We work with fate to understand & reclaim our soul’s purpose   8 Destruction & Transformation: Emerging from the ashes of destruction, the phoenix births our new reality. Shamans work with fire, dismemberment & dissolution, to rebuild themselves. An important lessons of shamanism & life in general   9 Completion of the journey–Q&As to some key themes & an empowerment ceremony




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