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Shamanic courses and shamanism workshops for you to learn the art of the shaman or become a shamanic practitioner.

What is Shamanism? 

Shamanism is one of the most ancient spiritual practices, referred to as the spirituality of the Earth. Shamanism is a way of life. We live shamanism. It is an experiential path with no dogma. Although the word derives from Siberia, early academics used the term to describe the spiritual practices and ceremonies that are found all over the planet. In shamanic courses we practice journeying to parallel universes to work with transcended spirits and bring healing to our community. A shaman is the bridge between these alternative realities and our physical realm.


Shamanism is very profound. It cannot be learned from a book or from spirit alone, you also need a human teacher. This old wisdom has its own beautiful methods, principles and ways. Once you walk through the doors the shamanic courses and shamanism workshops open for you, your helping spirits will then help you elevate the methods you have learnt into an art and make it your own.

If you are new to shamanism, the Introduction to Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel, will guide you to the fundamental principles and methods of the shaman and the shamanic cosmology of the Medicine Wheel. We teach this shamanic course in person and in an online shamanic course. You can then continue and train as a shamanic practitioner. The Online Shamanic Circle is a community space offering different shamanic ceremonies and supports beginners and experienced shamanic practitioners.

Shamanic Courses Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Shamanic Retreats, Scotland, UK

I came upon Fotoula's Glasgow Shamanic Circle in 2010. I intended to join another group and stumbled into the 'wrong' room where the Circle was about to start. Thankfully I stayed! I think it was Divine intervention because I have gained so much from the Circle over the years. We are so privileged to have a wonderful teacher in Fotoula. She is such an authentic and empathic soul, who shares her wisdom and experience with no trace of ego. She accepts people as they are and somehow brings out the spiritual flame in each. She is highly attuned to Mother Earth and the journeys she facilitates into 'other realms' are truly wonderful. I have had many amazing visionary experiences within the Circle and I have so enjoyed meeting like souls and being enveloped in the warmth that Fotoula extends to everyone. Attending this Circle, as well as other courses that Fotoula facilitates, has supported my inner awareness and spiritual development and has always been an extremely positive and wonderful experience! 



Overview of Shamanism by Fotoula Adrimi, Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner

Fotoula Adrimi, shamanic teacher, answers questions about how to become a shamanic practitioner and work shamanically with others

Centre for Shamanic Courses

Shamanic Courses in UK and Online

Shamanism Courses in
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Shamanic Courses Teacher Fotoula Adrimi
Shamanic courses teacher

Fotoula Adrimi

Shamanic Courses Teacher based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Fotoula teaches classic shamanism. "I adopt a cross cultural approach to shamanism, based on my training in classic and core shamanism, Native American, Himalayan, Bon Po, Toltec, Celtic and Ancient Greek teachings and rituals. I carry a rich shamanic lineage from my family, that used to be practiced in the Greek mountain of Pelion. I have also studied widely with both western teachers such as Sandra Ingerman’s Teacher Training, and indigenous shamans and healers, such as Bhola Banstola in Nepal and Tibet. I continue to study and learn, both from my human teachers and spirit ancestors. I have extensive qualifications, which you can find here my qualifications.”   


"Fotoula has a marvellous reputation with all her students. She is one of my trusted teachers, and is one of the teachers
I asked to keep my work going when I am gone.
I trust her so much and

her commitment to responsibility, and integrity.”
(Sandra Ingerman)

Shamanic Circle –
The Way of the Drum
Mondays 19.00-20.30

Shamanic Circle The Way of the Drum

Fotoula has been facilitating a weekly shamanic circle since 2009. She is an experienced shamanic teacher and practitioner who has helped many people find their calling through shamanism and alternative spirituality.

Introduction to Shamanism & Shamanic Journeying
New Dates TBC

Introduction to Shamanism

This is a unique workshop and teaching to help you access your inner mystic, and discover the non-ordinary reality. You will have the opportunity to connect with your power animals and spirit guides. Through the ancient art of shamanic journey we grow our power and access our essence of love. We meet our spirit teachers and receive valuable insights on issues we may face and evaluate our personal life.

Shamanic Practitioner Training 
Two-year programme started Nov 2023
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Shamanic Practitioner Training

This is a powerful and in-depth shamanic practitioner training over two years that involves learning and practicing ancient ways. The course is designed to take participants through the initiations of the shamanic path and teach the healing work of a shamanic practitioner. 

The Rays of Divine Consciousness Shamanic Retreat 
Five Day Residential Retreat
21-26 May 2024

The Rays Shamanic Retreat

This Shamanic Retreat is for anyone who wishes to advance their spiritual path. It is both a shamanic retreat and a healing retreat. And during our time together you will be given spiritual practices that will support your soul’s growth and allow you to transmit light to the world for the highest good of all beings.


In the Retreat we will share teachings on classic shamanism as well as the shamanism of the ancestors of the land who built the standing stones and cairns and left their mark through the ancient petroglyphs. 

Shamanic Retreat in Scotland with Nepalese Shaman
20th – 23rd June, Larbert, Scotland, UK

Shamanic Retreat Nepalese Shaman-Garuda.jpeg

In the Residential Shamanic Retreat we will work with the ceremonies, rituals, mantras, and teachings of GARUDA – the Golden Healer, the Lord of Space. 


The Retreat is guided by Nepalese Shaman, Bhola Banstola. This  is a rare opportunity to learn some of the most powerful healing practices used within Dhami-Jhankri Shamanism.

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