The Prophecy of the new Gaia – spiritual awakening

There is an ancient Egyptian prophecy that describes the time we live in;

the time of chaos, when humanity disrespects the sacred. Severed from our

spiritual nature and Divine connection, we fall into the conditioning of the

mind. The prophecy says that the spiritual warrior of light, symbolised by

Horus, will rise within us. After his reign, the golden times of the heart

will return.   

When we were born, we embodied the power of the Heart, Oneness.

We had no conditioning, no patterns, no issues. We were a being of love.

(Fi experienced this state of being the Heart, when she awoke after 4 days

in a coma in 2009.  All she felt was love, without any worry, judgement or



Growing up we enter the state of the conditioned Mind. The egoic self looks 

for its place in the world, developing its individuality by separating itself

from others. Through spiritual awakening, we uncover the embodied Spirit.

The Spirit knows the Heart and the Mind. It brings both together into Oneness, through the unveiling of the enlightened mind, and ascends into the Divine Self, transforming its earthly experience. 


Osiris, Set and Horus: 

The journey of the soul in the Earth School

An ancient Egyptian Myth that explains the human predicament


In the Golden Times in Egypt, the good King, Osiris, reigned. He was the embodiment of the heart. He was kind and generous and taught people how to live with compassion. He could not think bad of anyone. He only saw

the beauty of the Divine soul in everyone and everything, and under his reign, the land and people prospered.


Osiris' brother Set, represented the mind. Set could not abide Osiris, the heart. He wanted to be in charge, to

be the king. So, he set a trap. On Osiris's birthday, Set brought a beautiful sarcophagus made of precious wood, proclaiming that it belonged to whoever fitted it exactly. Everyone tried the sarcophagus, but Set had made the wooden coffin to fit his brother. When Osiris stepped into the sarcophagus, Set closed the lid and had the coffin thrown into the Nile. He then returned to the palace and sat on the throne of his brother. Isis, wife of Osiris, sought Osiris day and night. She eventually found Osiris and took him back to the palace. Set pretended the whole thing was a joke that had gone wrong, and persuaded his brother that no harm was intended. Osiris immediately forgave Set, and even considered he had caused Set worry. Set was livid. The mind wanted to rule. Next time, Set cut Osiris into 14 pieces to ensure that he could not return. The mind killed the heart. 


Isis found all the pieces of Osiris, apart from one, and put them together. She then joined with Osiris in sacred union and became pregnant with Horus. Osiris the heart left for the domain of the dead. "I cannot stay in this world," he said. "I will move to the spiritual realms of the Light". The time of the heart was over. The mind now reigned, and the people grew unhappy but did not know why. They tried to work things out logically. They did

not realise they were missing the heart. 


Isis kept Horus alive. Horus represents the spirit who has to overcome the mind. Horus knows the heart and

has experienced the mind. He battles with the mind, for the mind does not relinquish its position easily. In the battle Horus loses his left eye, his conditioned vision, and eventually gains the Utchat, the all-seeing eye, the enlightened vision. Horus starts a new reign, where the awakened spirit is in charge. The people have awakened into their divinity. They experienced the loss of the heart and the supremacy of the mind, and then found the spiritual path back into their essential essence. 


Tomb of Ramose

There is a prophecy in ancient Egypt that humanity would fall into the ways of Set, the forces of chaos, created through the ego mind. This would be the time where the people forgot the ancient ways of Divine connection. Then, with the awakening of Horus, the spirit, there will be a different era. And after Horus, there is another golden time; the return of Osiris, the return of the heart. This is the journey of the soul on Earth, individually and collectively. Overcoming the conditioned mind, we find the spirit and reconnect with the heart. 

Reference: Cott J (1987) The Search for Omm Sety Studio 33