The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Short videos explaining the work of The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health 

The Golden Book of Wisdom

Ancient Spirituality and Shamanism 

for Modern Times

Fotoula Adrimi: Embodying her life purpose through Initiation

Fotoula Adrimi, Director of The ISIS School of Holistic Health, 

talks about the purpose of the School: to share Enlightened Teachings and to help people awaken out of the conditioning 

of the mind, into the expansiveness of the Heart.  

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In this video Fotoula Adrimi introduces her book: The Golden Book of Wisdom: Ancient Spirituality and Shamanism for Modern Times. 

Fotoula combines her extensive therapeutic experience and the latest theories of modern psychotherapy with ancient esoteric knowledge. 

The book offers an applied approach to spirituality, enhanced by groundbreaking teachings from compassionate helping spirits, working to assist our human evolution: The Divine Mother in her manifestation as the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS and THOTH, the God of Wisdom and learning. 


Fotoula Adrimi talks about her life journey; how her life 

crumbled when she was thirty and was rebuilt again following 

a powerful initiation when she found herself alone in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Although Fotoula had enjoyed a spiritual connection through 

her family's spiritual lineage since early childhood, she had 

been absorbed in a physical world being a wife and a professional, working to pay a mortgage. Through the fire of initiation, she once again aligned with her Divine purpose of being a Channel of Wisdom teachings walking the path of Enlightenment.

For more information on Fotoula's qualifications and journey, 

please click here.

Fi Sutherland: A spiritual Journey through the doors of death

Fi Sutherland, teacher of The ISIS School of Holistic Health, 

talks about her spiritual journey; through meditation practice, 

coma and near death experience, to finding the Path of ISIS.

Fi walks a spiritual path and leads a spiritual life. For more information on her qualifications and journey, please click here.

The Path of ISIS: A Path to Ascension

Fotoula Adrimi talks about the Path of ISIS, a vast body 

of teachings, given to Fotoula by the Being of Light known 

as ISIS, the Divine Mother, in ancient Egyptian spirituality. 

Fotoula speaks about her connection to ISIS and the teachings 

of the "Living Light".

These teachings are aimed towards personal development 

and inner transformation. According to ISIS, this is a path to Spiritual Ascension.

To walk this path of Awareness, the School offers courses and workshops, as well as day-long programmes to support on-going practitioners. 

The School of Shamanism: the Spirituality 

of the Earth

Fotoula Adrimi talks about her passion, Shamanism; 

the Path of direct revelation, which is as old as humanity.

Fotoula explains how inside the human heart exists an inherent connection to the spirit world. Aligning with Enlightened Beings and helpful spirits, we can access healing, guidance and awareness. 

Called the Spirituality of the Earth, Shamanism opens the doors to parallel worlds, to enrich our understanding about life. In the School of Shamanism, Fotoula teaches practitioners classic shamanic courses such as soul retrieval, extraction, death and dying, as well as drawing from her own traditions 

of ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. 

The Rays of Divine Consciousness: 

the Essence of Light

Interview: Shamanism and Shamanic Ceremony

Fotoula explains how she received the Rays of Divine Consciousness teaching from Archangel Gabriel, in Spring Equinox 2012. Archangel Gabriel said that “what we are receiving through the Rays is the Essence of Light”. 

The Rays are rebalancing the spiritual DNA. Originally 

our DNA had 12 strands orientated towards Oneness. 

The current DNA still holds this essence but it is orientated towards separation and suffering. The 12 Rays of Divine Consciousness are key vibrational fields that open us 

up to the State of Divinity.

In order to work with the spiritual DNA, karma purification 

and the Rays, Fotoula facilitates the annual Rays Retreat 

in a rural setting in Scotland. 

There is also a monthly transmission of the Rays, 

open to everyone. 

This is an extract from an interview Fotoula gave on shamanic journeying. The interview followed a session entitled "the inner mirror", in the shamanic circle in Glasgow – The Way of the Drum.

Fotoula explains how to work in ceremony with spirits of the light and the power in joining together in circle.