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The Priestess of the Moon Celebrant Ceremonies

For thousands of years ceremonies took place in sacred sites held by Priestesses and Priests of the Moon. We are re-introducing this lineage for our time. 


A new Circle of The Priestess of the Moon Celebrant training started in February 2023. The next Circle will start in 2025. For information, please refer to Priestess Training.

Moon Ceremonies


Full Moon Ceremony – This is an invitation to honour the moon and find harmony and balance. The moon is called the Grandmother by many indigenous traditions, as well as throughout the ancient world. In the ceremony, water is energised by the light of the moon and then shared, to balance our etheric energy bodies. We work ceremoniously with an open mind and heart to receive the gift of healing from the moon, drinking water from our own well of wisdom.

Priestess of the Moon Ceremonies

Dark Moon Ceremony – The dark moon is the time of all possibilities; endings and at the same time new beginnings. The dark moon has within it the birth of the new moon, symbolising the dark waters of the womb, carrying the new life. In the dark moon ceremony we: honour our ancestors; recognise the gifts they have given us; offer back the gifts we no longer need; and, heal our ancestral line.

Fire Ceremonies


Imbolc Ceremony – Ceremony of renewal and creating a foundation for growth. Bridget Fire activation, new moon festival.


March Equinox – Balancing the powers of dark and light, homeostasis, Empowerment for growth


Beltana – Into the light: Blessing with the sacred fire of Mother Earth, The Green Man, Full moon festival


Summer Solstice – Sun ceremony of renewal, personal expansion and Earth blessing  


Lammas – Festival of gratitude and rebuilding of relationship with Mother Earth


September Equinox – Balancing the powers of light and dark, homeostasis, Hieros Gamos


Samhain – Singing the dead souls home, Ancestral ceremony, Callieach fire and water festival


Winter Solstice – Rebirthing out of the void, medicine name blessing, welcoming the new souls into the world 



The Private Ceremonies of the Priestess Celebrant


Preparation for passing through the veil – Death is only another beginning. We die to be reborn in the 

spiritual realms.


Before Death: The priestess can support both the person dying and their family, to help them gain a holistic understanding of the death process and together create a beautiful experience for the person transitioning.


At Death: At this point of transition, the priestess creates a place of peace, tranquility and connection for the 

passing soul to leave the body and merge with the Eternal Light.


After Death: The priestess can heal the energy bodies and retrieve the soul parts of the deceased, ensuring that they are whole for their on-going journey.

A transition healing includes two sessions prior to death, the ceremony at death and a healing the next day. 

Cost is £300. 


A distant ceremony, at or after the time of death, including a healing and soul retrieval is available.


For more information, please contact The ISIS School at



Funeral Ceremony


The Priestesses of the Moon are trained to officiate in non-denominational funeral ceremonies which honour the deceased and all life. The rite includes ceremonies of forgiveness, gratitude, generosity and celebration. A funeral ceremony can also take place whilst one is alive, as a way of gaining awareness of death and purifying karma.


Cost of Funeral Service: £250



Naming Ceremony


A child is born as pure spirit; expansive and infinite. This world gives them a name by which they will be known. 

Each name carries a specific frequency that links to the vibration of the soul. We honour the spirit of the child

by ceremoniously offering them their Earth name and also acknowledging their spirit name. This is a beautiful ceremony for children. This can also be an empowering ceremony and heartful experience for adults, creating

a sense of belonging to this physical world. 


Cost of Naming Ceremony: £100



The Marriage Ceremony with the Higher Self


In this lineage, we accept that a true marriage can only take place between the soul and its spiritual aspect. Marriage is the Union of the Light Eternal with its own incarnated soul. Through this Union a new star is born.

In the ceremony you are married to your own spirit, your own power, to help you live your life purpose with understanding and be true to your soul.


Marriage to Higher Self Ceremony: £125



Hand Fasting Ceremony


This is a ceremony of two equals coming together into a blessed partnership. Both participants embody their Divine masculine and feminine aspects and bring them into alignment for this the sacred marriage, recognising and honouring their own soul gifts. This is an oath to oneself to honour one's power, wishes, skills and soul journey and at the same time honour the other person in the same way. It is a marriage of joy and responsibility, love and friendship blessed by the ceremonial fire. The marriage is conducted for a year and a day. After that time each partner can decide whether they wish to renew their promise to each other, or break the partnership.    

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