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Mystery School of Ancient Egypt Courses

The Path of ISIS / The Path of the Living Light
In Person Workshops in Glasgow, Scotland

From the ancient times, the calling comes

Listen to the sound of the sistrum, the ringing of the bells

and bring your voice to the Temple of Light.

Sing the sacred words of power that help you see beyond the veil

and open up to the Living Light that you are.

May the Winged Goddess bestow upon you HEKA,

the power of transformation and rebirth.

(The words of ISIS (ISET) channelled by Fotoula Adrimi)

Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Teachings

The ancient Egyptian texts refer to a Golden Time, a different era, a time before our own recorded history, when human beings lived in the high consciousness of the enlightened self. For many of us, this first time lies hidden in the memory of our soul. And through spiritual practices with the Light of ancient Egypt, we start to lift the veil and remember our eternal nature. To describe this incredible vibration the ancient Egyptians used the term HEKA, meaning, “the invisible Divine power that rules all.” 


In 2006 Fotoula Adrimi had a spirit visitation from the Goddess Isis of ancient Egypt. Isis, or ISET as she was known in Egypt, reminded her of her many past lives in ancient Egypt when she served as one of her spiritual teachers, and invited her to reintroduce the Mystery School of ancient Egypt in our modern times, the path of spiritual awakening and ascension.


I have been teaching the Mystery School of ancient Egypt courses since 2006 and in 2015 I founded The ISIS School of Holistic Health with my colleague Fi Sutherland. The School is based in Glasgow, Scotland and we teach this work through in-person and online workshops. 


Isis describes the purpose of these teachings of light: “they open you to the Light of the World, so you can become that Light. As the energy flows inside you it opens you to the wisdom that exists within you.”

The Two Sacred Books of Knowledge

This is a vast body of teachings and you can walk the path at your own pace. The Teachings of the Living Light / Path of ISIS is the path of the ancient Initiates of the Mystery Schools that ISIS is reintroducing to the world, through The ISIS School of Holistic Health


This is a Mystery school of Ascension that is based on two interlinked Books of Knowledge: The Seven Gates of Awareness Teachings, and, the Five Circles of Osiris


The First Book of Knowledge, the Seven Gates of Awareness, is offered by the Goddess Isis. These Gates are energy fields that exist in every living being and allow us to access our light bodies. They do not relate to the chakras. Each Gate is opened through an initiation process. As the energy flows inside us it opens up the wisdom that exists within. This is our feeling of homecoming – we sense we know this work.


The Second Book of Knowledge, the Five Osiris Ascension Circles, work specifically with the ascension bodies and the spiritual realms of the Light. In ancient Egyptian spirituality, Osiris is the guardian of the Gate of the 'upper region of the sky,’ the spiritual realms of the Light.


To start walking the Path of ISIS the first course is the Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1. This introductory 3-day course involves an Initiation process that opens the way for participants to channel the high energy vibrations of the Living Light. 

Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1
Introductory Course

Next Course – 10.00-17.00, 11th-13th October

Cost: £325   Deposit: £165

Venue: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Advanced Teachings for ISET Initiates

Study with us: In-person Courses for the Path of ISIS

For anyone wishing to become an Initiate of ISET and walk the Path of the Living Light,  you start with the Gate One Courses – these form the foundation teachings for the whole Living Light / Path of ISIS work. These teachings require a commitment to spiritual practice, by yourself and/or in a group setting.


Gate One comprises Four Courses which follow a specific order:   


1)  Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1 – 10.00-17.00, 11th-13th October 2024, Cost £325  /  Deposit £165

     (The Introductory Course for the Path of ISIS Teachings)

2)  Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 2 – 10.00-17.00, 30th Aug-1st Sept 2024, Cost £325  /  Deposit £165

     (Open to anyone who has already attended Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1)

3)  Healing Path of ISET, Part 1 –  10.00-17.00, 8th-10th Nov 2024, Cost £325  /  Deposit £165

4)  Healing Path of ISET, Part 2 –  10.00-17.00, 13th-15th Dec 2024, Cost £325  /  Deposit £165

You can book Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1, and then continue to walk the path at your own pace. Or, you can book all four Gate 1 courses and attend them in the same year.  


If all four Gate 1 courses are booked together there is a reduced cost of £1,200.00 / Deposit £600 to secure your place. Balance of £600 is due before attending the first course –  Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1. (To qualify for the discount the four courses must be attended in the same year).


(Please note all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Also the discounted payment for the four courses once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable).

Interested in Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1, or all four Gate 1 Courses

Want to know about

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Content of the Courses

These are the Teachings from the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, which inherited the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Teachings include:


  • An Initiation process. Each Gate and Circle begins with an initiation into the Living Light where ISIS/ISET merges with Fotoula and heightens the person's vibrational capacity;

  • Theory on awakening, ascension and the human potential;

  • Practices and chants in light language that allow us to work
    with and embody the energy;

  • Connections with the moon and sun and star portals;

  • Meditations with the Living Light and symbols of power.

  • A detailed manual with all the practises and teachings and recordings of the key meditations with Fotoula, so you can continue walking the path.

  • An invitation to join our monthly ISET community circle, meeting online via zoom. (small fee applies)

  • An invitation to join our weekly ISIS Energy Transmission as an Initiate. (free of charge). 

The Seven Gates of Awareness

The Seven Gates of Awareness into the Divine Self (Temple of Karnak, Egypt)

Why the Goddess ISIS

ISIS, the Great Mother of 1000 names

The Spirit Teacher of the Path of the Living Light


“I am the Mother of All beings, the Nurturer, the Keeper of the ways. 

I open the doors for the soul to know itself, through experience.I am the Light of the Divine. I am the Way of Awareness. Through me, the Light (HORAN in the horizon), is born into the world”.


These are the words of ISIS, channelled by Fotoula Adrimi

Goddess ISIS Divine Mother

ISIS is the ancient Egyptian Goddess energy of the Mother of unconditional love for all beings. She is known by many different names in many different cultures. The ancient Greeks called her, ISIS myrionimos, the one with one thousand names. ISIS is an ancient Greek and then anglicised form of the original Egyptian name ISET. ISET has never taken physical form. She and other Beings of Light, created the circumstances for life to exist on Earth, well before Lemuria and Atlantis. ISET is an enlightened being, teacher and guide of the awakening process on Earth. 


ISET extends an invitation to study the Teachings of the Living Light that were practiced in the Egyptian Mystery School as a way of awakening. She has offered these enlightened teachings through channelling over many years, to her teacher in the material plane, Fotoula. Although the Teachings, include references to the Golden Times of Egypt and previous civilisations, they are designed to help humanity through the current time of transition; out of the age of the conditioned chaos into the era of the enlightened spirit.   


ISET is not a Goddess in the traditional sense; she does not ask us to worship her, become a devotee, or live in a particular way. She does not ask us to believe in any dogma, or give up any beliefs we already have. This is an individual path of personal development and self-empowerment.


ISET relates to the star of Sirius, whose mystical name is Sothis, that was adopted by both Greeks and Egyptians. As the enlightened being ISET-Sothis, she brings the Light of Sirius to guide the ascension process on Earth. If you wish to experience the energy of the Living Light, you can take part in the ISIS Energy Transmissions, or study the esoteric teachings of this path beginning with the Gate 1 Foundation Teachings.  

Want to know about the ISIS Energy Transmissions?

The Teacher and Channel of ISET: Foteini Fotoula Adrimi 

In 2006, my life changed completely. ISET, the wise spirit of Light known to the world as the ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess ISIS, came to me and invited me to be her Teacher. Over the next 3 years, she instructed me into a Teaching she called the Seven Gates of Awareness – The Teachings of the Living Light and she has teaching me every since. This is a spiritual and healing path of soul evolution, spanning lifetimes. The teachings are a tool towards awakening and ascension; the process of reintegration of our consciousness with the Divine Consciousness, in order to live life in a state of Grace.


Everything I have lived since; signing up to workshops related to ancient Egypt, spiritual pilgrimages to Egypt, channeling the Teachings; ISET and other Beings of Light installed in my body in 2006.


It takes commitment to be a channel of ISET and work for the Highest Good and the Light


Fotoula speaks, "Spiritual development increases my ability to channel high vibrational energy, and harness the inner gift of awareness. Yes, the teachings come from spirit. However, in order to develop them, work with integrity, serve others, and be a pure channel for Beings of Light, I have to transform the ego mind, and that takes continuous personal work."

Fotoula Adrimi,

Channel of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Teachings

Spiritual Path Foundation Course content: First Courses of Gate 1 (Parts 1 & 2)


This includes the first Initiation of the Gates of Awareness and the strengthening of our connection with the Etheric Body, also known as the KA or the Double, or the dream/ astral body.


We work with the energies of sun and moon, the star Sirius and the Essence of ISIS to strengthen and empower. We walk the path of the Seven Gates of Awareness. And we work with karma purification and the non-material state to purify and let go. 

Healing Path Foundation Course content: Second Courses of Gate 1 (Parts 1 & 2)


We start with the Initiation of the Opening of the Mouth for the living, to harness the connection with the BA, the eternal spirit of the higher self. We practice distant healing through multi-dimensional portals and holistic healing with the living light (Part 2 leads to a qualification in Isis Healing).


We build our connection to the chakras in the body, the chakras in the Earth and the seven ascension chakras above our crown and the seven related etheric bodies.

Spiritual Path of ISET
Chanel of ISET
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