NEW Living Light 2 – 7 Module Online Course

Ancient Egyptian Spirituality – Resurrection and Rebirth, starts 21 Jan 2022

The Path of the Living Light, Ancient Egyptian Spirituality

Online Series continues with the Living Light 2 Seven

Module Online Course. However, Living Light 1 is not a

prerequisite for this new course. The only recommendation is

the Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Spirituality Webinar.

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Online Fundraising Ceremony – Imbolc & New Moon
Tuesday, 1st February, 19.00-20.30 (uk time) – entry by donation

In this Imbolc Ceremony, facilitated by Fotoula, we will work with

the fire element to light our way out of the Underworld, honour

the gifts of winter, and emerge into our ‘spring’ self – the one

who walks towards the light. In doing so, we discover that we

are the fire, the light, and the spring. And we will embrace this

new beginning that the cycle of seasons and the river of life activates within us.

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