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The Shamanic Ancestors have asked Fotoula to facilitate a nine module programme in 2023

which will offer people the skills to become an Ancestral Shamanic Healing Practitioner.

During the course the Ancestors will be working with each person individually,

and with our circle, to empower everyone to do this important work.


If your heart calls you to this path, we would love to share the work with you. The course requires commitment to continue to work on your own family line, and at the same time, carry out casework so that you can help others.


Although Fotoula’s Shamanic work is multi-cultural and brings together teachings from many traditions and the different teachers she has studied with, this course will be taught mainly from the ancient Greek tradition.


Pre-requisite: The Ancestral Spirits recommend that participants have completed the Online Programme:
Path of the Eagle 3 – Ancestral Shamanic Work, or have trained or are training to be a Shamanic Practitioner with the ISIS School of Holistic Health.

Nine Modules over Ten Months in 2023 – Two Options: In Person or Online

Module 1 – Reuniting with the Ancestral Spirits, building the framework and power for the work. The Shamanic Ancestral Ceremony. How to work with others. What can this work create? Teachings from the Shamanic Ancestors.


Module 2 – Reuniting with the past life and soul memory of yourself as a Shamanic Ancestor. Retrieval of the record from that lifetime and clearing anything that may be blocking your work. How to help others clear their records and remove any blocks.


Module 3 – Further empowerment and initiation into the Shamanic Ancestral Work. Teachings on clearing thought forms and working with others.


Module 4 – Sacred Objects – clearing ancestral objects. Reading the past from

items left. Finding the problem in the lineage. Ancestral healing of others,

bringing closure.


Module 5 – Curse removal and de-possession for others. Removal of

unhealthy magic spells and witchcraft.


Module 6 – Client empowerment, bringing back the power of the lineage.

How can we help our clients integrate the healing.


Module 7 – Ancestral land clearing and healing.


Module 8 – On-going healing work on other people in the group. Building your

resources and spiritual protection.


Module 9 – Lessons from your lineage and case studies. Initiation into the

Ancestral Shamanic Practitioner work by the Spirits. Graduation.


The ancestors have asked Fotoula to teach this work in-person and online.

People attending the in-person course can attend the online course if they miss a Saturday Module.

In-Person – Time: Saturdays, 10.30-17.30

Dates 2023: 25th Feb, 1st Apr, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July, 5th Aug, 2nd Sept, 7th Oct, 4th Nov

Venue: Library, Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL


Online – Time: Sundays, 12.30-19.00 (UK time please adjust for your own timezone)

Participants who are taking part in the Online Course

must keep their video camera on at all times as the course is interactive

Dates 2023: 26th Feb, 2nd Apr, 7th May, 4th June, 2nd July, 6th Aug, 3rd Sept, 8th Oct, 5th Nov

Course Cost and Bookings

Course Cost (in person and online): £1,111.00   Deposit £211.00 to secure your place. (Please note all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.)


Then pay £100.00 on the Monday before each training weekend. (Payment is through bank transfer.

Please email the School for our bank details –

To book: email The ISIS School on 

Ancestral Shamanic Healing Practitioner Course

Advanced Shamanic Course – Online and In Person
Nine modules taught over ten months in 2023 

This is a specialised aspect of shamanic practice that we are opening into. The Shamanic Ancestors are eager to support and empower us to do this work

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