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A Holistic Approach to Mindfulness Meditation

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Ancient traditions advocated meditation as a way

of life. Meditation is the bridge for the soul to link

with its Divine origin. The world distracts us from

our true nature of being and pushes usinto everyday

activities and routines,  which maintain the

conditioned structures of society, at the expense

of inner awareness. Through meditation, we can

rediscover the place of “being”, which helps us to

experience our divine soul within the body.

In meditation, as beginners, and at the beginning

of each meditation practice, we are growing the

energy-prana within ourselves. As the energy

expands, we can experience the world and

ourselves from a bigger perspective. We realise that

there is more to life than our everyday existence.

We realise there is more to us than our conditioned behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

Meditation is about experiencing the Divine Self. The ancient world knew this and developed power practices, symbols, mantras and ways of entering into silence, which expanded the light inside the body, enabling connection with the Higher Self. At a physical level, meditation alters the brain waves and opens up new neural pathways, allowing us to access different parts of the brain, and expand our awareness beyond the perceived physical boundaries of the collective conditioning. For example, through meditation, we can transform our everyday state into one of grace, joy and inner contentment. 


In order to expand this light in the body, we need to light a fire within. Imagine that inside, we have all the wood necessary to light this fire, but the conditioning has dampened the matches. Through meditation we join with the fire of the Divine, to light and stoke our own inner fire and, at some point, our own inner fire expands and awakens. Through regular practice, we can expand our consciousness to such a degree that we transform our physical reality, and our body, speech and mind become the body, speech and mind of the Divine Self. We have the potential of reconnecting to Source and awakening as the One Being.

Our approach

Water Lily

Our meditation practices are based on generating universal energy which, through an alchemical process, helps transform our base nature, the conditioned mind, into golden light. Awareness comes from focusing on the heart, as the seat of the Divine essence within the body. Our meditation sessions are inspired by different traditions, aiming to bring us back into a state of balance; a state where we are centered within, and in alignment with the universal power of creation. This is an ongoing process. Meditation is a Way in which we can continue to walk towards our infinite light.

Mindfulness meditation is a holistic spiritual practice that flows into all the different meditation trainings and

is a core discipline of The School. The term mindfulness is another name for awareness.

The word mindfulness refers to the practice of quieting the mind, developing awareness, and becoming the observer. In this context, the mindfulness of breathing practice is one of the core practices of Buddhist meditation. It has been taught widely in the west by many meditation teachers. The words of the Zen Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, capture the essence of mindfulness: "Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment."

Mindfulness meditation can help us:


  • Develop self-awareness by becoming the observer in our practice and in our life;

  • Understand how our mind functions;

  • Bring our attention to the present moment;

  • Develop focus and concentration;

  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation;

  • Expand our consciousness and compassion.


Through meditation we can establish a connection to our inner self which allows us to better understand how we think, feel and respond to life’s situations. It brings our attention into the present moment, so we can focus and concentrate our mind on what it is we wish to achieve. These practices can help us transform and overcome unhelpful thought and behavior patterns, increasing our level of happiness and reducing stress. In time we can become the master of our mind rather than its servant.

Taming and transforming the conditioned mind

Mindfulness Meditation – Developing Awareness

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