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Soul Retrieval  –  The Return of Lost Soul Parts

Another cause of dis-ease is soul loss. The shamanic belief is based on the fluidity of the soul. The body is viewed as a container, in which the soul resides. However, life and other people shake the container to such a degree, that the soul can fragment and spill out. Sometimes, we can also give our soul away to the people we love. There is a saying when we lose a loved one, “he took part of me with him”. In the shamanic belief, this is true.


In many cases people have lost soul parts as children. It may have been triggered by; separation from a parent or favourite toy, perceived unfair punishment, bullying, feeling isolated and unloved, an adult’s anger. Soul loss often occurs when people go to school.

soul retrieval

Experiencing a traumatic event may also cause soul loss. Part of our soul leaves because it would have been too traumatic to experience the full extent of the event consciously. As a result we may find ourselves operating as if on automatic pilot, taking little pleasure from life. We may feel resentful and dissatisfied.


In violent situations the perpetrator unconsciously snatches the soul parts of their victim, so that they are under their control. This can be why victims of violence feel unable to react; they have been deprived of their own essence. However, soul essence is unique to the individual; it can help no other. So, if someone takes the soul essence of another, they are carrying a burden that will weigh heavily on them. When violence is committed the perpetrator’s soul may also fragment and soul parts leave the body.


In all instances of soul fragmentation and loss, it is vital for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health to bring the soul parts back. Soul loss creates an energy gap within our system, which causes dis-ease. Prolonged soul loss can result in loss of vitality, dissatisfaction and a lack of interest – it’s as if there is something missing

from our life.


The shamanic practitioner journeys to the alternative realities and to the times where the soul loss occurred. She gathers the soul parts, brings them back and places them inside the person’s body. Following a soul retrieval, there is an integration period, during which the person is asked to honour and take care of their soul essence, to ensure the soul part is welcomed home.


Another aspect of soul retrieval is the activation of the soul’s memory of its life purpose. Sometimes we lose our focus in life, forgetting why we chose to be born on the planet. A soul memory activation restores the memory of our life purpose in our energy field.


For more information on Soul Retrieval refer to the article by Fotoula Adrimi – Soul Retrieval: An ancient shamanic practice of inner transformation 


Two-year Shamanic Practitioner Training

The School offers training in Soul Retrieval as part of the Shamanic Practitioner's Course. For more information, follow this link: Shamanic Practitioner's Training

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