Fotoula Adrimi and her helping spirits will again deliver this course to help participants heal and clear their ancestral line, and open to the power and gifts of light of their lineage. This is a stand-alone course. It is not necessary to have completed any other Path of the Eagle Course to take part.

The only prerequisite is experience in shamanic journeying.

Seven Modules

(Times shown below are for the UK, please adjust for your timezone)

Module 1: 19.00-20.30, Tuesday, 25th Oct : Establishing a Link with the Shamanic Ancestors

Meeting with the shamanic ancestor who works with you and clear the thoughtform(s) that have been mentally created and now have become part of the lineage. Clear the seeds that created the thoughtforms from the ancestors and your body. Build your own ceremony to continue the healing.  

Module 2: 19.00-20.30, Tuesday, 1st Nov   : Strengthening the Lineage

The misuse of power, whether the ancestors were victims or perpetrators, has created an imbalance of power, which according to the shamanic belief leads to addiction, hopelessness and mental dis-ease. Ceremony to restore the power and heal the male and female ancestors. 

Module 3: 19.00-20.30, Tuesday, 8th Nov  : Shamanic Initiation

Initiation by the First Shaman and dedication of our shamanic work to the service of the Earth and all beings. Connecting with our ancestors who practiced the shamanic ways.

Module 4: 19.00-20.30, Tuesday, 15th Nov  : Learning from the Ancestors the Healing Ways of the Earth

The ancestors teach you about life on Earth and welcome you again to your current life. Healing of the land, including ancestral land, curse removal from the land and ancestors. 

Module 5: 19.00-20.30, Tuesday, 22nd Nov  : Ancestral Trauma Release

Trauma release ceremony for what is dead but has been kept alive through trauma. Revealing and healing the ancestral trauma that affects your life now. Working with the DNA to heal the ancestral trauma and plant new ways.

Module 6: 19.00-20.30, Tuesday, 29th Nov   : Ancestral Integration Methods

Honouring the spirit team of your ancestors who practiced the shamanic ways and connecting with the spirits that resonate with you and your work. Receiving spiritual empowerment. 

Module 7: 19.00-20.30, Tuesday, 6th Dec     : The Ancestors from the Stars and How to Connect with them

Explore the intention the star ancestors had from seeding Mother Earth and for coming to this planet. Connect to the gift of your star lineage to the Earth. Fire ceremony of gift offering to the Earth. Activation of soul gift.

Online via zoom: Times and dates above. If you miss a module, you can catch up through the video recording, see below.

Video Recordings: Each Module has been recorded and free access to these videos will be given to all participants. We ask that all participants to register with the website prior to the Course beginning using the Log In button at the top right of the webpage. (If you are already registered as a site member there is no need to re-register.)

Cost: £210.00 for all seven modules. Deposit £75.00 to reserve your place.

To book: email The ISIS School on  Payments can be made through bank transfer

(email for bank details). The total cost if paying with PayPal is £220.00, deposit £80.00. (Use for PayPal)

For Shamanic Practitioners who have graduated from The ISIS School of Holistic Health, or are currently studying shamanic practitioner training with the ISIS School, there is a 50% reduction in the cost.

Total cost: £105.00. Deposit: £35.00. (Payable through bank transfer)

For any participant of the first live Path of the Eagle 3 Course (Apr-June 2022) who would like to repeat 
there is a 50% reduction in the cost. Total cost: £105.00. Deposit: £35.00(Payable through bank transfer)



Path of the Eagle 3: Shamanic Ancestral Work – Pre-Recorded Online Program. The course is also accessible as a Pre-Recorded Online Program which participants can engage with in their own time frame. This is available through our Online Courses Page on the website. Click this link to go to the webage

eagle in flight

Path of the Eagle 3 – Shamanic Ancestral Work

Seven Module Live Online Course starting Tuesday 25th October

The Shamanic Ancestors have asked Fotoula to repeat this Live Online Course due to its importance in helping us

heal and clear our ancestral line and develop a deep and supportive relationship with the ancestors