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Earth Shamanic Apprentice Course

Earth Shamanic Apprentice Course

A Six Module Shamanic Course – new dates TBC

In this six module shamanic course over six months, Fotoula Adrimi will guide us to step into our birthright as shamanic caretakers of Mother Earth

Join us for a beautiful six module programme of rich shamanic work and teachings. We will come together in circle and see ourselves once more as the caretakers of the Earth. We will learn how

to work shamanically and in partnership with nature, for the wellbeing of the planet.

After the Course participants can use the ceremonies and teachings individually, as well as in community. These ancient wisdom teachings will be shared through experiential work, ceremony, drumming, and rattling.


The fairy realm, the spirits of the land have spoken.

They have said, “It is now time to awaken into the

Divine essence you are. Your gifts of light are needed to clear the physical and spiritual toxins that have made the planet ill. Remember, you too are nature and part of the Earth.”

Earth Shamanic Apprentice Caretaker of the Earth

In this course we will step into our birthright as a shamanic caretaker of Mother Earth. We will ally with the flow of universal energy and work for the highest good of all life. We will access our inherent gifts of light, and our cosmic spiritual heritage, and bring them to the Earth. The Earth will be our teacher – the trees, animals, birds and stones are our spiritual allies.


We say to the world: We are part of life on this beautiful planet. We are not running away. We are owning our responsibility. We are coming home.

Programme Details – Six Modules over Six Months

The Earth’s Shamanic Apprentice (ESA) Programme is for anyone who wishes to answer a heartfelt calling and work spiritually and shamanically for the highest good of the planet. It is for all who are called to spiritual environmental work, deep personal transformation, and soul expansion.

Course Overview

ESA Module 1: 

Healing the Earth through transmutation ceremonies. Creating an Earth Altar, working in the unmanifested state of all possibilities and with the principles and symbols of us above so below.


ESA Module 2: 

Retrieval of essence. Nature as a healer. Healing spiritual blockages through the web of light in the middle world, re-aligning the song lines of the earth in the lower world and learning from medicinal plants.


ESA Module 3: 

Working with the little people and ancestral spirit deities. The fairy realm of the light and the medicine of the Little People and Her Majesty, the Fairy Queen

Earth Shamanic Apprentice Programme Details

ESA Module 4: 

Healing our vessel and accessing our inherent spiritual power. Creating a sacred tree as the tree of life together in the garden and working with healing stories


ESA Module 5:

Working with plants and the human tribe. Fire ceremony and plant spirit medicine. Underworld water ceremony for the healing of the collective humankind consciousness


ESA Module 6: 

Wind and Earth ceremonies. Working with animal spirits and the stone people. Working with the four winds and the animal kingdom. Initiation and earth bundle offering in sacred fire.

Prerequisites – What you need for the Course

Experience in shamanic journeying. If you wish to learn to journey shamanically or brush up on your journeying skills, you can attend the Monday evening Shamanic Circle – The Way of the Drum, or the In Person Introduction to Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying or the Online Introduction to Shamanism Course

More about the Shamanic Circle

In Person Shamanic Course – Feb 2024

Online Shamanic Course

Earth Shamanic Apprentice – Course Details

Venue:  TBC

Times:  TBC

Cost:  TBC

Please note all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Participants also have to pay the course fees for sessions they miss. Once the course starts if anyone decides to leave they are still liable for the balance of the course fees.

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