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The Soul Retrieval Talk and Ceremony features in Sandra’s February 2022 Transmutation News, as well as the “Shamans are gardeners of energy” group. Fotoula was very honoured to do this ceremony and full of gratitude for Sandra’s invitation.


Here are Sandra’s beautiful words about Fotoula from the February Transmutation News

“For this journey Fotoula Adrimi is bringing a huge gift of retrieving our essence. Fotoula lives and teaches In Scotland. She has a marvellous reputation with all her students. She is one of my trusted teachers, and is one of the teachers I asked to keep my work going when I am gone. I trust her so much and her commitment to responsibility, and integrity.” (Sandra Ingerman)

Soul Retrieval Ceremony

With the guidance of her helping spirits, Fotoula facilitates a Shamanic Ceremony that includes a soul retrieval healing and a re-awakening of a sense of wholeness.


This is a brief description of the shamanic soul healing ceremony: “In this video, guest presenter Fotoula Adrimi guides participants into a shamanic healing journey. The intention is to retrieve the primordial memory of wholeness and heal at soul level. Through the ancient practice of shamanism, the helping spirits offer us a ​way to retrieve the parts of our essence we are now ready to receive and incorporate into our life.

This can help us walk our spiritual path and embody our light. Fotoula shares how these ancestral ways were almost lost in her Greek family lineage and voices a heartfelt invite from the ancestors for us to remember this ancient spirituality of the Earth that is part of our human heritage.”

Learn Soul Retrieval and other Shamanic Healing tools in the two-year Shamanic Practitioner Training taught by Shamanic Teacher, Fotoula Adrimi

May we grow, may we heal, may we remember

Soul Retrieval Talk and Ceremony

Fotoula was invited by her dear teacher, Sandra Ingerman, to offer a shamanic ceremony for Sandra's Transmutation News – we share this ceremony with all our website visitors with love and gratitude, the ISIS School

Fotoula Adrimi Shamanic Teacher
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