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our Star of Origin and our Heart Centre

facilitated by Fi Sutherland

The Meditation Practice

Begin by connecting into your body and bringing your awareness into the present moment. In doing so you intend to become the observer, the one who is aware and alive in the moment of now.

Invite your spirit guides and teachers of the Light to create a safe and protected space all around you as you do this practice for your highest good.

Then connect with your root chakra asking that the connection with your root is strengthened so that you are fully present in your body. From here you connect to the Earth Star Chakra below your feet intending that this connection is also strengthened and you are grounded to the Earth.

Meditation - connecting to the Earth

Fi shares the Meditation Practice in a video

Once you feel the process is complete gently bring yourself back from the meditation, becoming aware of your body and the room around you. If you wish you can bring your hands in prayer position on your third eye – and dedicate the practice for the highest good and the enlightenment of all beings including yourself. Bring you hands down to your throat and to your heart.


Offer thanks to the Earth, your Star of origin, your spirit guides and teachers of the light for their support during this practice. And thank yourself for doing this practice and radiating your gift Release your spirit guides and teachers of the light and ask that before they go they completely seal and protect you, your room and your home.

The more anchored you are in your body and to the Earth, the more present you can be and the higher the vibration you can hold.


An energy cord extends from your Earth Star Chakra to the chakra at the heart of the Earth. The life-force energy of the Earth flows through this cord into your Earth Star Chakra, your root chakra, and your body. This energy  nourishes and energises you. And in the practice you meditate for a little while receiving this energy.

Then you take your awareness to your eighth chakra, the chakra above your head, sometimes called the Star Chakra. You ask your Star Chakra to connect with your Star of Origin, the Star you originated from before incarnating on Earth. (You do not need to know the name of this Star. Your Star Chakra knows which Star to connect with). As a result of your intention a ray of light flows down from your Star of Origin into your Star Chakra and then, through your crown chakra, into your body. You receive the light from your Star of Origin for a while, asking also that the connection between you and this Star is also strengthened. In this way you also acknowledge and connect tp the multi-dimensional aspect of your being.

The life-force energy from the Earth and your Star of Origin flows into your heart centre and merges with the energy of your heart centre. Inside your heart centre lies the gift that you brought to the Earth to serve the Earth before you incarnated. Ask that the energy from the Earth and your Star of origin help you unveil and activate further the gift of light that you carry in your heart centre. With your awareness in your heart centre allow the light of this gift to emanate out to the Earth and All Beings for the highest good of all.

Meditation – Connecting to the Earth

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