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A Self-cleaning Meditation Practice

A Message and Spiritual Practice from ISIS, Mother of Unconditional Love
channelled by Fotoula Adrimi 

The healing energies that are flowing to the planet right now are creating a disturbance in the light bodies of many people. As a result, some of you may feel disorientated, tired or forgetful. To support yourself you can do a cleaning practice. This will allow you to keep shedding the old etheric energies and generational patterns from your body that no longer serve you.


This cleaning process can happen by itself if you are aligned with your star place of origin, for your light bodies contain this self-cleaning knowledge. However, this knowledge may not be available to everyone, as the knowledge cannot be accessed unless people reach the right vibration. By connecting to your soul’s lineage, which is the same as 

your star lineage, and by meditating with high vibrational energies you can activate this self-cleaning process. See practice below.

Our combined intention for this meditation is for the highest good of all beings, physical and in spirit, for all time and space, including Mother Earth and including ourselves. 

Self cleaning spiritual practice

Practice: Activating the Self-cleaning Knowledge

Create a sacred space by inviting your spirit guides and teachers of the Light to surround you and protect you while you do this practice. State your intention to activate the self-cleaning knowledge that exists in your light bodies.


Above your crown is the eighth chakra, also known as the star chakra. Now ask your star chakra to connect to your star of origin. Wait until a beam of light flows from your star of origin into your crown and into the whole of your body. Your star chakra now projects its light and holographic image around you, surrounding you with its energy. It is as if you are in a star formation. Some people may envision a sacred geometrical symbol encompassing their body and aura. Others may feel the energy or see a colour. Whatever you see or feel does not matter, as your intention is enough.


Now the star formation that surrounds you moves downwards and concentrates around your feet and your Earth Star chakra. (The chakra that lies below your feet). Then the star formation moves upwards and is concentrated above your head. Witness this movement at least three times.


At the end the star chakra projection returns to the star chakra above your head.


Slowly come back from the practice and observe how you feel. Thank your spirit guides and teachers of the Light for creating a sacred space around you for the practice. Then release these Light beings asking that they protect and seal you and your space before they leave.

Fotoula shares the Practice: Activating the Self-Cleaning 

Knowledge in a video

(This practice also appears in the March 2020 Newsletter 

of The ISIS School of Holistic Health)

Every time you work with the star chakra you cleanse your energy field in a very deep way. At the same time, your connection with your subtle light bodies and multi-dimensional Self becomes clearer too. This enables you to glimpse a higher state of being and higher reality, and your vibrational field increases in strength.


This meditation is offered by the Enlightened Spirit Beings and The ISIS School to aid your evolution through the vibrational shift that is currently taking place on Earth. You can practice this exercise on its own, or any time before you meditate. The practice can also support you if you are feeling overwhelmed by the your life circumstances, the World situation and its energies.


Remember that inside, you carry the vibration of the world and those of the many generations before you. A self-healing, self-cleansing practice of transmutation can aid your path of self-realisation and inner growth.

Spiritual Purification Practice

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