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5 Light Activations–states of high consciousness

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The Star Beings help us to see a bigger perspective. Their way is to elevate our consciousness and allow the light of awareness to flow into the Earth realm, through us, so we consciously become channels of light. Activation 1: The Sequence of Light After a channelling from the Star Beings we ar guided into a state of high energy where we experience 7 high dimensional portals that have sacred geometrical symbols. These open energy fields in our body that heighten our awareness. This does not mean you will acquire psychic gifts. The gift of this download is higher understanding rather than psychic ability. Activation 2: The Inter-dimensional Portal in Sirius Star The ancient Greeks called Sirius the Spiritual Sun. In this Module we enter the space of non-duality and the inter-dimensional portal that exists in this place. We receive an activation of light energy to the degree we are able. A channelling from the Star Being follows. Activation 3: The Network of Light Becoming the clear channel. We will be guided through a process of purification that aims to help us see ourselves beyond the conditioning. Activation 4: The Light Beings Speak They speak about the potential that we carry & how this is the time to activate this potential. They offer guidance for life on Earth & answer our questions. Activation 5: The Pyramid of Light We receive an activation that will balance our energy centres & attune us to the Cosmic Light. We share the light through a Transmission.




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