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The School of Shamanism

Shamanic workshops

Shamanism is one of the most ancient spiritual practices. The principle in shamanism is that there are parallel realities, and we consciously live a physical existence in one of these realities. In other parallel realities live advanced spirits, some of whom had a physical life and some did not. These spirits are not bound by the body and they have experience in healing. They are motivated by their compassion to help humankind and 

to alleviate suffering. A shaman is the bridge between these alternative realities to access that wisdom.

These parallel realities exist at the same time and place as our own reality. They are not separate. If we change our perception, we can communicate with these advanced spirits. At the same time, in our physical reality, shamans understand that everything has a spirit, for example the stones, the fire, the water, the trees, the grass all have consciousness that they 

can interact with. Some of these beings have been on the planet longer than we have, and in shamanism, they may also become allies.

Through experience, shamans perceive it is the same consciousness that creates all these different realities and that unites us all. They call this the web of life, continuously spun by the creator, the source of unconditional love and light.

The School of Shamanism is based in Scotland, UK. 

To read more about shamanism and how shamans perceive dis-ease, 

refer to the following article The Journey of the Shaman 

The School of Shamanism Courses and Circle

Online Shamanic Course:

The Journey of Initiation (all levels)


The Path of the Eagle: The Journey of the Shaman and Retrieval of Personal Power

Shamanic Workshop with a Nepalese Shaman (Jhankri) Prerequisite experience in shamanic journey. 

Advanced Trainings:

The Path of the Earth: Medicine for the Earth 

The Path of the Earth: Shamanic Healing with spiritual light

The Path of the Jaguar: Soul Retrieval Practitioner's Course

The Path of the Bear: Shamanic Extraction Training

The Path of the Jackal: Death and Dying Shamanic Workshop

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Shamanic Circle (all levels):

The Way of the Drum Shamanic Circle

Shamanic Retreat (all levels):

Initiation through the ancient rite of the Medicine Walk

Fotoula Adrimi speaking about Shamanism.