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Centre for Shamanic Courses UK: Ceremony with the Full Moon

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Whilst some people find the power of the full moon unsettling and associate it with emotional outbursts and sleeplessness, shamans and spiritual practitioners regard the full moon as a special time. It is true that the power of the moon is far from subtle: it affects the waters and our emotional bodies; it shakes and moves our inner pendulum so that we find a healthier point of balance. At the same time, in the Centre for Shamanic Courses, we teach how to harness the power of the full moon in a positive way, through ceremony.

Shamans and mystics follow the cycle of the moon and await with reverence the time of her fullness. The moon becomes a valuable and considerate ally, empowering their spiritual practices. Regularly performing a shamanic ceremony during the full moon time can alleviate any of the unwanted symptoms. It can also help us shift energetically, become a clearer channel for the helping spirits, and allow the spiritual energies to flow into our intentions. Thus, the moon can aid our manifestation work, whether this is for healing, birthing the new, creating movement and flow in our life, or letting go of spiritual blocks.

The full moon increases the flow of universal energy and this flow needs to be channelled and harnessed, otherwise it may catch us unaware. In the Centre for Shamanic Courses I teach people how to overcome the unwanted symptoms of the full moon by becoming more aligned with themselves and the universal energy of life. My Greek tradition contains myths of people who do not heed the power of the moon and find themselves in difficult emotional and mental states and even, in extreme circumstances, lose their mind. In the old days people who had a mental health crisis were described as moon stricken, and young children were told not to look directly at the full moon, in case they were affected by the energy.

The opposite is true when it comes to shamanic ceremony, the full moon becomes a welcomed ally, and especially when there is an eclipse. It is said that the power of a ceremony held during a full moon increases manifold. Some shamans and spiritual teachers claim that this multiplication not only applies to spiritual matters but also to everyday life. Consequently, they aim to perform good deeds during the full moon and avoid any unskilful actions that create negative karma. In other traditions, it is believed that those who pass away on the full or new moon, have completed their life’s purpose and purified all the karma from this lifetime.

Earth Shamanic Ceremony during the Full Moon

The shamanic courses I teach in the UK derive from these ancient teachings of working with the power of the moon, as well as the sun and the elements. A shamanic practitioner becomes a vessel where the sky descends to meet the earth.

My helping spirits encourage us to develop reverence for all life and lifeforms. They talk about human beings serving life by working with the planet for the highest good and listening to the voice of the Earth. “Leave the Earth even more beautiful than you found it,” they say to us.

They share that we have been incarnating on Earth over many lifetimes, but originally we came here from other cosmic bodies, and parallel realities. They also teach that the Earth has its own natural rhythm, called by some indigenous people, the song of the Earth. This song is based on what they call, the Cycle of Life. While we are on Earth we are part of this cycle. The enlightened beings encourage us to work for the Earth by accessing our light essence and the gifts of our spirit.

In this shamanic ceremony we work with the Spirit of the Earth for the Highest Good of all beings. I shared this ceremony in the monthly newsletter of the ISIS School of Holistic Health, where I often write articles on shamanism. If you wish to receive the newsletter, go to the homepage of our website.

Each step of the ceremony, is a little ritual in itself. Take time to create it in a beautiful way that is right for you.

  1. Firstly, create a little earth altar made entirely with materials you find in nature. Everything must come straight from the Earth, nothing can be manmade. For example, you can use leaves instead of an altar cloth, a shell for a chalice, little sticks for a fire (or if inside you can use also a meteorite stone, as it holds the fire element). You can decorate the altar with flowers, plants, herbs, even bones and feathers you find during a walk, whatever comes your way for this ceremony.

  2. After you make your earth altar, create a sacred space by invoking your spirit guides, power animals, and the spirit of the Earth to assist you in this ceremony. The suggested intention for this ceremony is for you to manifest your light essence in your body, so that the Earth reality becomes an image of you; a world of light and harmony. When you feel, see, or perceive the spirits around you, drum or rattle, and sing a song for the Earth, as you bring yourself into a space of connection and higher awareness.

  3. Then invoke the power of the full moon to flow through your body, as it flows everywhere on the Earth. Feel the energy of the moon coming through you, realigning you with your essence. Focus inside your body and ask to feel this inner glow, naturally expanding within you.

  4. At some point you may feel a beautiful light that is radiating from within. Allow the light to expand. Place your hands, palm down, over your Earth altar and imagine or perceive yourself as a being of light, radiating high vibrational universal energy to the altar and from the altar to the Earth. The Earth is a place of life and light. Universal energy flows everywhere. It flows from you to the Earth and from the Earth and all beings back to you.

  5. After a while, light the fire, the twigs you have, creating a flame; or alternatively rub the meteorite stone. Speak again your intention for the highest good of the Earth and all beings. Then stay in a quiet space and ask the spirit of the Earth to speak to you. Listen to the wise words that the Earth offers you.

  6. When you feel the ceremony is complete, close your sacred space. Thank the Earth, your helping spirits and power animals, including your own infinite spirit. Ask the spirits to close and seal you and your space before they go. Finally, drink some water from your chalice and offer the rest to the Earth and the four directions.

  7. Take all the materials you used in the ceremony and give them back to the Earth. You can leave them under a tree.

If this work calls you and you wish to learn more about shamanic ceremony and ritual, The Introduction to Shamanism course is coming up on 12-13 August 2023. This is a unique workshop and teaching to help you access your inner mystic, visionary and oracle and discover the non-ordinary reality. You will have the opportunity to connect with your power animals and spirit guides.

Through the ancient art of shamanic journey we grow our power and access our essence of love. We meet our spirit teachers and receive valuable insights on issues we may face and evaluate our personal life. We realise that we are not alone but part of a multi-dimensional universe that supports our growth. In our experience of over 17 years teaching in the Centre for Shamanic Courses UK, shamanism has helped many overcome fear, sadness and gain confidence. People who attend this two-day course may feel that they are finally coming home.


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