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Shamanic Courses: Introduction - Finding your Place in the Medicine Wheel, by Fotoula Adrimi

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Shamanic Courses: Introduction to Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel
Shamanic Courses: Introduction to Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel

In the two-day Introduction to Shamanism Course I teach the shamanic journeying work in different ways. One way is the method that most people in the west are familiar with – lying on a blanket we set our intention to journey with our power animals and open ourselves to the alternative realities by merging with our helping spirit.

Another way to follow the shaman’s path is to work in nature. In the Introductory Shamanic Course we create a Medicine Wheel in the garden and I facilitate a ceremony for people to find their place in the wheel. This can be an incredible experience that has the potential to show someone where they are in their life right now, and also what is the movement in the future – where is life taking them.

For the Medicine Wheel Ceremony I work with the element of wind. We honour the spirits of the four winds and their guardian who is called Aiolos in the Greek tradition. The winds have a masculine aspect as they bring action/change and clear away any old stale air. When the winds come and move us inside the Medicine Wheel, an alchemical process can take place offering us the possibility of transformation, inside and out.

The last time I facilitated this Shamanic Ceremony one of the participants was moving home but had no clear idea where he wanted to move to. As he walked the Medicine Wheel we called in the four winds. The wind moved him to a specific direction, an area he had already dismissed. After the Ceremony the right home appeared exactly where the wind element indicated. Similar miracles have happened so many times in my shamanic workshops that I now completely trust the advice of the wind spirits.

Apart from being a practical divination tool, the Medicine Wheel can be an important teacher for healing deep aspects of our shadow and helping us realign with the life-force energies that are flowing into our life. For instance, if we are passionate about creating something, the wheel teaches us to: balance passion with compassion; act rather than react; release emotional pain so our wisdom mind can emerge; and, to be flexible. In this shamanic course we learn that each direction has a spirit keeper, a deep teaching, and a current of etheric energy we can tap into.

In the two-day Introductory Shamanic Course I combine the Medicine Wheel teachings with the wind element so we can reach a different level of understanding and at the same time create movement. It is a different type of shamanic journeying where our body becomes the guide and shows us how we can dance with the winds of life.

The shamanic courses I teach combine both these methods of journeying to allow participants to deepen their shamanic experience. For more information about our shamanic courses and Shamanism workshops click the button:

Fotoula Adrimi has been working professionally, sharing the shamanic path, for over 17 years, and has helped hundreds of clients and spiritual seekers find their calling. She has trained as a shamanic teacher in classic shamanism by Sandra Ingerman, USA, and she has worked with both indigenous shamans and western shamanic practitioners. Shamanism runs in her blood as she carries an ancient lineage of shamanic practice from the Greek mountains. Her shamanic courses have been described by many of her students as life-changing.

"Fotoula has a marvellous reputation with her students. She is one of my trusted teachers, and is one of the teachers I asked to keep my work going when I am gone. I trust her so much and

her commitment to responsibility, and integrity.” (Sandra Ingerman)

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