The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

An international school of shamanism, Teachings of the Living Light/Path of ISIS, spiritual awakening, meditation, healing and soul expansion 

The ISIS School promotes 

the study and practice of enlightened wisdom teachings from ancient civilisations, mystic traditions and indigenous cultures. 

The aim of The School is to support people to embody and understand the journey of their soul, with the ultimate purpose being the evolution of the individual and collective consciousness. 


The School offers:

The Temple of Gaia encompasses the wisdom Teachings of the Living Light / Path of ISIS. This is a spiritual path of awakening and embodied ascension, that has been channelled, practiced and taught by The School for many years through connection with the ancient Egyptian Mother ISIS (or ISET).

Shamanism including shamanic practitioner training, and courses and workshops on classic and cross cultural shamanism. Fotoula Adrimi is part of the Global Shamanic Teachers network. 

Monthly and Weekly Meditation Groups which utilise visualisation, silence, mantra chanting and teachings to support people to still their mind and uncover the wisdom of the heart. 

Light Activations of codes of power that are inherent in the body, through high vibrational energy.

Activation and rebalancing of the spiritual DNA through the Rays of Divine Consciousness meditation practice.

Online course on soul evolution and initiation through high vibrational cosmic energies.

The Priestess of the Moon programme, working within the community with ritual and ceremony, as a spiritual celebrant.

There are short videos on the website and a monthly newsletter, explaining the teachings offered by The ISIS School.

The teachers of the School, Fotoula Adrimi and Fi Sutherland, offer a wide range of individual therapeutic treatments

The ISIS School of Holistic Health is based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Some courses may be held in other locations.

We wholeheartedly welcome any donations to support the work and vision of The School. To make a donation see the donations page. 


ancient spirituality and shamanism for modern times

"A cornerstone for 

spiritual learning....

exciting and illuminating....

a must read for spiritual and 

shamanic practitioners." 

Sandra Ingerman

Fotoula Adrimi is interviewed by Lisa Clifford for Lisa's Connecting with the heart series. She talks about shamanism, shamanic journeying, about working in the field of spirituality and the challenges and opportunities that this creates towards authenticity. They explore what happens after death, suicide and healing the grief of loss, about soul retrieval and working shamanically in community and finally a spiritual perspective on Corona virus.  

"Fotoula Adrimi is a brilliant teacher. She has a depth of experience to draw from and shares a wealth of information with all who study with her. She is a great communicator and brings her heart and soul into her work", Sandra Ingerman

 Fi Sutherland speaks about unconditional love,

a state of being Fi experienced following a 

near death experience. 

"Unconditional love is our essential nature and everything else we think we are is a manifestation 

of the conditioned world".