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The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Centre of Shamanic Courses
  Based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Centre of Classic Shamanism, Egyptian Mystery School Courses, Priestess of the Moon Training, Rays of Divine Consciousness, ISIS Healing, Meditation

Shamanism, spirituality, esoteric, and personal development courses:

The School provides an extensive programme of courses and teachings for those interested in shamanism, spirituality, the esoteric, and personal development to expand their awareness and open their sacred heart. It is a place of compassionate learning and study with the emphasis on empowering people to develop their inherent connection with the Divine Light within and awaken.

The ISIS School offers teachings on:

Ancient Egyptian Spirituality – The Path of ISIS

Centre for Shamanic Courses

Priestess of the Moon Training

The Rays of Divine Consciousness & DNA Activation


Past Life Regression Therapy Courses

The School provides an extensive programme of courses and teachings for those interested in shamanism, spirituality, the esot

Ancient Egyptian Spirituality – The Path of ISIS

Ancient Egyptian Spirituality
Ancient Egypt Mystery School Teachings and courses in person and through online webinars.

Ancient Egypt Mystery School Teachings – The Path of ISIS – the Teachings of the Living Light, is a spiritual path that takes the  practitioner, step by step, into awareness and embodiment of the Divine Self spanning lifetimes of existence. The Goddess ISISa representation of the Divine Mother energy, is the path opener into the mysticism of the ancient Golden Times.


The ISIS School offers teachings and Initiations for the Path of ISIS in person and through online courses.


We also offer weekly ISIS Energy Transmissions of the Living Light so people can experience this beautiful vibration of unconditional love.

Want to know more about the Path of ISIS?

The Path of ISIS Online Courses

Read more about the ISIS Energy Transmission

Shamanism is one of the most ancient of spiritual practices. Through working with helping spirits, we can access parallel realities / universes and receive guidance and deep healing, embody our divine spirit, and help our life and community. 


The School offers a wide range of Shamanic Courses for beginners and experienced practitioners, a community Shamanic Circle, and a comprehensive two-year Shamanic Practitioner Training that includes shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, power retrieval, shamanic extraction, death and dying, medicine for the Earth, healing with spiritual light and Transfiguration. The Advanced Shamanic Practitioner Course specialises on Ancestral Healing. For those who are looking for non-practitioner courses we recommend the Introduction to Shamanic Journey and the Earth Shamanic Apprentice. We also offer an extensive range of Online Shamanic Courses.


Fotoula Adrimi is an experienced shamanic teacher, part of the Global Shamanic Teachers network. She trained with Sandra Ingerman, and with other western teachers and indigenous shamans in N. American and Nepal. Fotoula also carries a shamanic lineage from ancient Greece that runs in her family.

Centre of Shamanic Courses in person or  Online shamanic courses.

Discover our Shamanic Courses

Shamanic Circle – In Person & Online

Priestess of the Moon Training

Priestess of the Moon Training
Priestess Training Programme

For thousands of years ceremonies took place in sacred prehistoric sites in the Celtic Land facilitated by the Priestesses of the Moon. This ancient shamanic lineage is being reintroduced through The ISIS School, to bring the ceremonies and teachings back to the world. 

The two-year Training leads to a Spiritual Celebrant qualification to conduct ceremonies for the Wheel of the Year, as well as funerals, naming ceremonies, hand fasting, blessings and rites of passage, celebrating major life events. 

Read More about the Priestess Training

The ISIS School offers a unique attunement and spiritual practice of the Rays of Divine Consciousness. Divine Consciousness, in the form of high vibrational energy, flows into the body, through the opening of the crown attunement, which takes place in a sacred site, during the Rays of Divine Consciousness Shamanic Retreat.


There are 12 Rays in total, the same number as the spiritual DNA code. The practice strengthens our energy body and restructures our spiritual DNA. The Rays are a gift enabling us to enter into higher states of consciousness. The School offers Monthly Transmissions of the Rays for you to experience this energy.

Rays of Divine Consciousness Shamanic Retreat in person in Scotland.

Find out about the Rays Retreat

Connect with the Rays Transmission

The Lotus School of Meditation online holistic meditation course.

Meditation is a tool to help us tame the conditioned mind, open the heart, develop self-awareness, expand our perspective, and increase the flow of positive energy into our life. Spiritual practice also helps us detach from the patterns that hinder us from connecting with our true essence. The School teaches a holistic meditation practice that includes silence, conscious breathing, sacred mantras, gratitude and guided visualisation practices. Fi Sutherland, who has been meditating daily since 1995, facilitates an online weekly Meditation and Chanting Circle on Thursday evenings.

Want to join our Mediation Circle?

In this 6-day Course we explore our incarnations beyond time, in what we call the past or the future, to bring closure to what hinders us, heal deeply, evolve, and transform.


Since graduating as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the University of West London and the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, Fotoula has found that people sometimes carry issues, patterns and spiritual blocks from other lives into their current life. Some even experience physical conditions, the root cause of which originated in another life. She has developed the Past Life Regression Therapy Course from her extensive experience of working with clients and with the help of her spirit guides.

Past Life Regression Course to become a Practitioner and to practice it in person in Scotland.

Find out more about this Certified Course

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Fotoula Adrimi Shamanic Teacher

Fotoula Adrimi BA(Hons), MSc

Shamanic Teacher, member of the Global Shamanic Teachers network, best-selling author, teacher & channel of the Mystery School of Ancient Egypt, and spiritual coach. Fotoula's work initiates inner transformation, through awareness and connection with our inner light and soul's purpose.

Read more about Fotoula >

Fi Sutherland Meditation Teacher

Fi Sutherland BEd (Hons)
BSc (Psychology)

Teacher of the Path of ISIS, energy healer, therapeutic counsellor, and meditation teacher.


The focus of Fi’s work is on helping people embody their true Self and live their life in accordance with their soul's purpose. She supports people to live in a happier and more authentic way.

Read more about Fi > 

I can't thank you guys enough for holding the space for healing and growth.

That's priceless!!!! Deep gratitude!


I´ve been experiencing some incredible expansions and changes recently and I know that what is opening within me is very connected with all the ISIS Energy Transmissions, the Path of ISIS teachings, practices and circles, and with the light activations, which have been profound for me. The energy that comes through your offerings is unlike anything I´ve experienced elsewhere. My perception is opening; my ways of seeing and experiencing life and reality are changing in ways that feel quite miraculous. It´s hard to describe in a few sentences. I am trying to say that I can see that all the teachings and transmissions are coming through and touching my life in the deepest, most expansive and incredible ways. I am grateful beyond words, thank you! 

Love, Miriam

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