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The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The Path of the Living Light
Based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
a Centre of Shamanism, Teachings of the Living Light,
ISIS Healing, Path of ISIS, Spiritual Development, Meditation, and Healing

Fotoula Adrimi

Fotoula Adrimi BA(Hons), MSc

Best-selling author, teacher & channel of the Path of ISIS, shamanic teacher, and spiritual coach and channel. Fotoula's work initiates inner transformation, deep healing and awareness beyond the blocks and limitations that hide our inner light and soul's purpose.

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Fi Sutherland-Meditation Teacher

Fi Sutherland BEd (Hons)
BSc (Psychology)

Teacher of the Path of ISIS, energy healer, therapeutic counsellor, and meditation teacher.


The focus of Fi’s work is on helping people bring more clarity and understanding to their life and personal situation. She supports people to live in a happier and more authentic way.

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The ISIS School's Teachers

The ISIS School's Teachers

Fotoula and Fi's Books

Fi's Book

"Fi is one of those who guides us to question our limited reality, and open to our spiritual nature, which is a birthright of all humanity, and all of life."


(Meredith Little,

Co-founder The School 

of Lost Borders)

Fotoula's Book

"A cornerstone for spiritual 

learning.... exciting and illuminating.... a must read  for spiritual and shamanic practitioners."

(Sandra Ingerman, shamanic teacher, author)

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Thank you, with love and gratitude, Fotoula and Fi

I´ve been experiencing some incredible expansions and changes recently and I know that what is opening within me is very connected with all the ISIS Energy Transmissions, the Path of ISIS teachings, practices and circles, and with the light activations, which have been profound for me. The energy that comes through your offerings is unlike anything I´ve experienced elsewhere. My perception is opening; my ways of seeing and experiencing life and reality are changing in ways that feel quite miraculous. It´s hard to describe in a few sentences. I am trying to say that I can see that all the teachings and transmissions are coming through and touching my life in the deepest, most expansive and incredible ways. I am grateful beyond words, thank you! 

Love, Miriam

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