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Introduction to the Mystery School of Ancient Egypt

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In this Introduction to the mystical spiritual tradition of Ancient Egypt, we invite you to a journey back into the Golden Times of this ancient civilisation, whose achievements were possible through spiritual attainment and work with high vibrational frequencies of the Living Light, known also as the Light of Creation. The Online Introductory Module a different story to the established history, in which ancient Egypt is not built by primitive people but spiritually advanced individuals who are inn touch with their multi-dimensional self. These ancient ancestors invite us to step onto a path of knowledge and offer us a different understanding of the world and, ultimately, of ourselves as etheric, spiritual beings who embody their light and soul gifts. The teacher, Fotoula, has practised and taught the ancient spirituality of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School in many lifetimes. Throughout these lives Fotoula's spirit guide for these enlightened teachings has been the Great Mother of Mysteries of 1000 names, known as Isis. In this life, Isis, has once again brought her teachings to the world through Fotoula, and is teaching us how to walk the Path of the ancient initiate in our modern times. In the module, Fotoula guides you to the period before the fall of Atlantis, when the Pyramids were built. There, you meet the Masters of Light who brought the etheric energy of the Living Light into Egypt and now invite us to work with them for the highest good. Fotoula speaks about how we can walk the Path of the Living Light, until we become it. She also shares channellings from Goddess Isis. This online Introduction consists of a single module of approximately 84min. The online module is for personal use only, and the content cannot be shared with others, or taught to others. It is to inform your practice and spiritual work.




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