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Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Spirituality

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Dipping a Toe: IM-HOT-TEP – The Spiritual Tradition of the Golden Times of Ancient Egypt – Embodying the Living Light In this Introductory Webinar on the mystical spiritual tradition of Ancient Egypt, Fotoula Adrimi shares wisdom teachings, knowledge and insights that have shaped her life and her soul's evolutionary path. (Webinar 84mins) Fotoula has practised and taught the ancient spirituality of the Living Light in many lifetimes. Throughout these lives Fotoula's spirit guide for these enlightened teachings has been the Great Mother of Mysteries of 1000 names, known in this world as ISIS. In this life, ISIS has once again brought her teachings to the world through her channel Fotoula, and given Fotoula a way of teaching the Path of the Living Light that is relevant for our times. In the Webinar Fotoula guides us back in time, to the period before the fall of Atlantis, when the Pyramids were built. There, we meet the Masters of Light who brought the etheric energy of the Living Light into the world. Fotoula speaks about how we can walk the Path of the Living Light, until we become it. She also shares channellings from ISIS.




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