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Living Light 2: the Activator of the Living Light

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The Ancient Egyptian Spirituality Series continues with Living Light 2. Through a series of practices based on the teachings of Death & Resurrection you activate your multi-dimensional self & gain access to the Living Light frequency. (Note: Living Light 1 is not a prerequisite for Living Light 2. The only recommendation is the Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Spirituality Webinar. This is optional.) This Course is for beginners in spiritual work as well as experienced practitioners. It will support anyone who is drawn to the teachings of the Path of the Living Light and ancient Egyptian spirituality, whether they have just stepped onto the pathway or have been walking it for many years. Each Module comes with a spiritual practice. The Enlightened Guides of the Course suggest that you leave one week between Modules and do the spiritual practice, if possible, three times before watching the next Module. Or, at least once, if you can. Module 1 – The Living Temple of ISET; Module 2 – As above, so below. As below, so above. Astral connection and sacred geometry. IM-HOT-TEP – He who comes in peace; Module 3 – The Law of Divine Order; Module 4 – In the halls of MA'AT. The weighing of the Heart Ceremony; Module 5 – Death, resurrection, and reincarnation; Module 6 – Releasing the dead and healing the living; Module 7 – Initiation The Course is for personal use only, and the content cannot be shared with others. It is to inform your practice and spiritual work.




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