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Gateway of Initiation to the Ancient Mysteries

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The ancient Egyptians regarded the time of death as a significant doorway through which we can gain the enlightened state. This was seen as an important rite of passage for the soul, which has incredible potential for self-realisation. The ancient mystic engaged in spiritual work, both to prepare for the time of death, and to endeavour to awaken through the body while living. This Course will support anyone who is drawn to the teachings of ancient Egyptian spirituality. Each webinar comes with a powerful spiritual practice. The Enlightened Guides of the Course suggest that you leave one week between Modules and do the spiritual practice, if possible, three times before watching the next Module. Topics 1 – The Living Temple of Isis. Spiritual protection and attunement to the knot of ISET. 2 - Connecting with the ancient initiates of the Esoteric School and visiting the portal that exists in the Sakkara Necropolis. Engage in the practices of the first and second death, to experience a state of illumination to the degree that you are able. . 3 – The Law of Divine Order, also known as the Law of Spiritual Manifestation. You bring yourself to the vibration of that which you call from the universal point of creation. 4 – In the halls of MA'AT. The weighing of the Heart Ceremony is one of the fundamental teachings of this Esoteric School. 5 – Death, resurrection, and reincarnation through the lens of the Mystical tradition. 6 – Releasing the dead and healing the living. Learn about overcoming the conditioning that has enslaved the living and trapped the dead in the hungry ghost state. Activation of the crown chakra by the Divine Horus who regains personal sovereignty. 7 – Initiation and re-memberment. In the place of death & resurrection, you become the dismembered Osiris, who has been cut into 14 pieces through the process of human life. Healing through Isis and Nephthys or Day and Night. The Course is for personal use only. the content cannot be shared




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