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The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The School of Shamanism and Shamanic Teachings

Shamanic practitioner course, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Shamanism is one of the most ancient spiritual practices. The principle in shamanism is that there are parallel realities, and we consciously live a physical existence in one of these realities. In other parallel realities live advanced beings, some of whom had a physical life and some did not. These spirits are not bound by the body and they have experience in healing. They are motivated by their compassion to help humankind and to alleviate suffering. A shaman is the bridge between these alternative realities to access that wisdom.

These parallel realities exist at the same time and place as our own reality. They are not separate. If we change our perception, we can communicate with these advanced spirits and our own higher self. At the same time, in our physical reality, shamans understand that everything has a spirit, for example the stones, the fire, the water, the trees, the grass all have consciousness that they can interact with. Some of these beings have been on the planet longer than we have, and in shamanism, they may also become allies.

Through experience, shamans perceive it is the same consciousness that creates all these different realities and that unites us all. They call this the web of life, continuously spun by the creator, the source of unconditional love and light.

Fotoula Adrimi teaches The School's shamanic courses, mainly in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. She teaches weekend and week-long shamanic workshops, facilitates a weekly shamanic circle and holds shamanic practitioner training. 

To read more about shamanism and how shamans perceive dis-ease, refer to the following article by Fotoula Adrimi, 'The Journey of the Shaman'

Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Introduction to shamanism

A seven module introductory course on shamanism; shamanic journeying in the different worlds; and the Medicine Wheel.

Webinar: The Path of the Eagle 1

In depth shamanic practices that take your experience to the next level: working with your own spirit and cosmic alignments in lower and upper worlds in order to transform and heal the middle world reality. Connecting deeper with ancestors and allies. 

Webinar: The Journey of Initiation (all levels)

This is a course of initiation into high vibrational cosmic energies, codes of power and multi-dimensions to assist soul evolution and expansion. This course can be done at any time, as you work with it at your own pace.  

Shamanism Courses, Trainings,

Circle and Pilgrimage

Online webinar: The Path of the Eagle 2

starts 6th April

We share practices, teachings and ceremonies that will help participants to step on a healing journey of purification. As we go through these planetary etheric energy shifts, we will support our physical and etheric body to cleanse the old heavy energies from this and other lives and from our ancestors. 

In Person Shamanic Practitioner Training 2022-23

For those who wish to walk the path of the practitioner of shamanism, this is a comprehensive course in the study and experience of shamanic healing. Experience in shamanism and shamanic journeying is required.

Online Shamanic Practitioner Training 2021-2023

This is a powerful and in-depth shamanic practitioner training that involves learning and practicing ancient ways. The course is designed to take participants through the initiations of the shamanic path and teach the healing work of a shamanic practitioner. The course will be taught online enabling those who cannot travel, to participate in this work. To ensure that people are present we have limited participation to a maximum of 6 new people and our intention is to create a cohesive and supportive circle that will come together as one tribe and one heart. 

On-going support:  Shamanic Circle 

(all levels): 

Join a community online space where we all come together to practice shamanism as One Tribe and One Heart. 

The Way of the Drum Shamanic Circle has been running since 2009 on Monday Evenings. 

Online Webinar with Himalayan Shaman Bhola Banstola

25-27 June 2021 – The 3-day online workshop will focus on psychopomping through MahaKala.

Shamanic and Spiritual Pilgrimage 

to Nepal and Tibet 

30 August – 21 September 2022

with Fotoula Adrimi, Bhola Banstola and Carine Lemaitre

Introductory video by Fotoula Adrimi on shamanism and power animal retrieval, including: 

- creating sacred space through connecting with the

  different categories of our helping spirits; 

- connecting with the spirits of the land and guardians 

  of the Earth where we live ;

- journeying into alternative realities and vibrational planes; 

- shamanic death, dismemberment and re-memberment; 

- power animals.


And finally Fotoula leads us into a journey in the upper world where we first go through a process of purification and release to create space for a power (animal) retrieval.