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Preparation for Shamanic Healing

In order to ascertain, which shamanic therapy is best suited to a client, a shamanic practitioner communicates with the client’s higher self, enlightened beings and spiritual guides to find out where the person is out of balance. The practitioner then journeys to the alternative realities to bring healing to the client.


A shamanic therapy starts from the time a person makes a booking. Ideally, the client is encouraged to prepare themselves for this deep work. To find out more about the therapies offered by the School and which therapy may be right for you, click Shamanic Healing Practices or contact The School directly at



The Four Stages of Shamanic Therapy


Stage 1 – Booking


After you familiarise yourself with the therapies offered, please contact the School’s shamanic teacher, Fotoula Adrimi, to discuss what the issue is that you would like help with. In this way, we ensure the therapy is right for you. Depending on the nature of your circumstances, you may need one or a number of sessions.


Stage 2 – Preparation


The more you are able to prepare for a session, the more potential benefit you will receive. We, therefore, ask people attending a shamanic session, to make a commitment to their healing. This preparation stage is for ALL shamanic sessions. However, the shamanic practitioner may give you further instructions, specific to your circumstances.


Once you have booked a session - each night before sleeping, communicate with your soul and affirm that you are now ready to move on to a happier life. Ask your missing soul parts to come back to your body to help you. Make a note of any memories or dreams, referring to past events, as sometimes these indicate soul parts coming back. Some people however, do not remember their dreams. This is not a problem. During the session, the shamanic practitioner will find the missing soul parts that are ready to return. Even if you are not aware of your dreams, it is important for you to speak personally to your soul.

The night before the session – You need to rest and go to bed early, even if you cannot sleep. You should not have any alcohol or recreational drugs the day before, the day of the session and the day after, as it will interfere with the energy. 



Stage 3 – Therapy Session


On the day of the session drink plenty of water and avoid any alcohol and recreational drugs.


At the start of the therapy session, the shamanic practitioner will talk with you about the issue and together you will explore possible outcomes. She will clear your energy field and then you will be lying down for a time, whilst she accesses alternative realities to retrieve power, essence or clear your energy body. In cases of extraction or de-possession, she will be drumming over you and pulling such energies out of your body.


There is loud drumming and chanting during the session.


There is nothing for you to do. Sometimes you may even fall asleep. The practitioner will bring you back gently, once the healing is finished. She will then explain what happened and will give you information and guidance for the future.


If you receive distant healing, the practitioner will contact you at the appointed time. You will be asked to go and lie down whilst the healing takes place and avoid reading or watching television. You will then be contacted at the end of the healing, to discuss the outcome.



Stage 4 – Incorporation


Shamanic healing is not a magic wand. Depending on your personal circumstances, it can be either the start or a landmark of your healing journey. It may take anything from a month to six months to fully integrate into the body. It is a subtle healing that works at an unconscious level, so that results can be more lasting, without the interference from the conscious mind.


After the healing you will probably feel tired. This is normal. In all cases it is best to have an early night, avoid alcohol and, if possible, any form of stimulation, including television, computers and mobile phones. Drink plenty of water and ideally go into nature; sit in the garden or walk in a park.


The next few days the energy will still be working in your body. Notice any dreams that you may have.

If you are given specific advice or instructions during the session, these will be highlighted to you. It is vital to follow these, to complete your healing process. Notice any changes in your life or your behaviour over time.


Shamanic Healing is an alchemical process which involves both the practitioner and client. The practitioner does her part and you, as the client, also have to do your part for the best possible outcome. However, as with all energy work, the healing works for the Highest Good and this may be different from your intention. We cannot control the flow of life. Therefore, results cannot be guaranteed. What you want may differ from what you get.



Emergency circumstances – (e.g. accidents, coma, surgery, death)


In cases of emergency, it is important to have the treatment as soon as practicable. In these circumstances preparation may not be possible.


Accidents and Shock – often result in soul loss. The shamanic practitioner is able to check the person distantly and ascertain whether they need healing. If healing is required, this needs to be carried out as soon as possible.


Surgical Interventions – especially those involving anaesthetic, can create dissociation and soul loss. The energy bodies are weakened at this time and need to be restored. A healing session is recommended as soon as possible, within the first week of surgery. If a person is still in hospital, the healing can take place distantly. It will not interfere with any medical procedures.


Coma – The shamanic practitioner can journey to the person’s spirit and ascertain whether they wish any help. 

If so, distant healing can take place.


Premature termination of pregnancy (for whatever reason) – Whether it is natural or otherwise, a premature termination of pregnancy can have a traumatic effect on the mother and leave her energy bodies open and fragmented. Shamanic healing can help clear the energy bodies of the mother and safely remove the spirit of the child, which may still be attached. The healing can be very therapeutic and help the mother find a sense of peace and deeper understanding. Ideally healing should take place before as well as after the termination, if possible. However, even when years have passed from the event, healing can be beneficial.


Death - When someone dies, a shamanic practitioner is able to bring together all of the deceased’s essence through soul retrieval and heal their energy body. This allows the person to move on in a complete state and avoid suffering from similar conditions when they reincarnate. This healing is recommended as soon as possible after a person’s passing. The School offers transition support and death rites ceremonies. 

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