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Uncovering the Hidden Wisdom: Exploring the Mystery School Teachings

The Path towards inner Transformation. By Fotoula Adrimi, teacher of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School and Classic and Core Shamanism.

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Goddess Isis teachings

Twenty years ago, the ancient Egyptian Goddess, known as Isis, reminded me of my spiritual nature, that had been lying dormant, since I was 12. Before then, as a child, I was completely immersed in a world where the enlightened spirits were as close to me, as my earthly family.

At the age of 30, my focus in life changed. A quest for mystical knowledge was re-ignited and I became a spiritual seeker. I went back to studying the ancient mysteries, which I had read before I was 12. At that early age I had delved into the ancient Greek texts and other esoteric books I could find on Egypt.

In 2006 Isis asked me once more to be her teacher and reminded me of my many past lives in the ancient Egyptian temples and in Atlantis. Now I work in The ISIS School of Holistic Health with Fi Sutherland, and we share these teachings via in-person and online courses, as well as spiritual books and videos. One of the ways that Isis asked us to share the energy is a weekly transmission of the Light vibration of the Golden time of Egypt, to which anyone can take part. This energy is known as the Living Light of HEKA. This week, before the transmission started, we received a teaching from the enlightened spirits who support this work. The teaching is on the Process of Transformation for the spiritual seeker of our times.

Ancient Egypt Mystery School online courses
The Spiritual Path of Isis

The Process of Inner Transformation: Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Teaching

The Transformation you are experiencing right now was planned long ago, for your soul knew it would be lost in the world of duality through the programming of the planet. A promise was made to your soul that in one lifetime the path would open and your soul would find its way back to its sovereignty.

You are so fortunate to come to this lifetime where you can practice spiritual teachings of Light. Not everyone has the same chance. For some it is not because the opportunity isn’t there, but because the soul closes the door to the Light. It is so easy to be absorbed in the human drama and pain that does not serve you.

We invite you to transform the pain and suffering without being caught by it, and see it for what it is – a way towards awakening, a way towards developing compassion, a way of developing understanding, even through misunderstanding.

The conditioning strips you from everything you know and prevents you from accessing your inner wisdom. It creates obstacles each time you try to access your inner wisdom. This may also be because you had access to inner wisdom in another life or in the past, but you chose to walk away. This is normal. First the soul sees the way so clearly but cannot appreciate the gift it is being given.

Then the soul immerses itself in the conditioned ways seeking that which it had already been given. Eventually the soul comes to realise that the conditioned ways that the soul regarded as the truth are no longer relevant.

When the soul has truly outgrown all that the soul thought was real, then the reality for that soul can expand, step by step.

The Light is so incredibly bright, but some souls are so used to the darkness that they find the dark corners where the Light cannot penetrate, and they close their eyes, waiting for the clouds to return.

Other souls run into the sun and stare at the Light with open eyes. But if they are not used to the radiance they burn themselves. This exposure to sudden Light then creates so much fragmentation in them, they cannot hold the awakening.

And so we say to you – walk the path of inner wisdom as it opens in front of you. Stay on the path through your spiritual work. Do not hurry the process and get burnt. Do not follow the distractions – stay on your path of inner wisdom – it will guide you.

This is the way of the inner mystic who stays open by listening to the voice of life. 

The Enlightened Ones support you and thank you.

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Fotoula channelling in ancient Egyptian Temple

Fotoula has helped many people find their calling through the path of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School, Shamanism and alternative spirituality. In 2006 she received an enormous body of spiritual wisdom through direct revelation from the Goddess Isis, called "The Seven Gates of Awareness" and she has been teaching it ever since. She trained with some of the most well known indigenous and western shamans, including the Shamanic Teacher Training with Sandra Ingerman, and she is a member of Global Shamanic Teachers. She has been facilitating circles and workshops since 2009 and has been teaching shamanic practitioners and priestesses since 2012. Her first book, an Amazon UK bestseller, “The Golden Book of Wisdom: ancient spirituality and shamanism for modern times” is an epitome of spiritual learning, mysticism and soul evolution. Her second book on the Ancient Egyptian Spirituality and Mysticism is due to be published by O-Books in 2025.

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