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Shamanism, the ancient spirituality of the Earth, is a way of life. We live shamanism, and learn to be the bridge between the physical world and the parallel spiritual realities.


Shamanism is an experiential path. There is no dogma. Fotoula teaches ancient methods of classic and cross cultural shamanism, practiced on the Earth for thousands of years.

Fotoula says, "I adopt a cross cultural approach to shamanism, based on my training in classic and core shamanism, Native American, Himalayan, Bon Po, Toltec, Celtic and Ancient Greek teachings and rituals. I carry a rich shamanic lineage from my family, that used to be practiced in the Greek mountain of Pelion.

I have also studied widely with both western teachers such as Sandra Ingerman, and indigenous shamans and healers, such as Bhola Banstola in Nepal and Tibet." 

Shamanism Glasgow UK: Shamanic Courses In person & Online

The courses, either in person or online, take you on a journey of self-discovery as these practices work

for the highest good and the light, through the immense power of the human heart. Participants learn

to engage with parallel realities in a safe way and are assisted to expand their horizons, develop

personally and spiritually and increase their etheric power.

Upcoming In Person Workshop – Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Shamanic Practitioner Training – Glasgow, Scotland, UK

In the video, Fotoula Adrimi, shamanic teacher, answers questions about how to become a shamanic practitioner and work shamanically with others. She shares her extensive experience as a student and as a teacher and the two key fundamental principles that people need, in her view, to walk this path so that their work can be effective.

Shamanism – Webinars to Purchase & Watch Online

Online Course: The Journey of Initiation

This is a course of initiation into high vibrational cosmic energies, codes of power and multi-dimensions to assist soul evolution and expansion. This course can be done at any time, as you work with it at your own pace.  

All of the Courses below are available to purchase and watch via our Online Courses Page. To read more about each course you can click on the join button for each course.


A Seven Module Introductory Online Course on Shamanism – the Shamanic Way

This course offers a concise introduction into the shamanic ways. We explore foundation teachings on how to journey, access the different etheric planes (lower, middle and upper worlds), work with power animals and spirit guides, build an altar and create ceremony and learn how to work with the Medicine Wheel, the directions and their keepers. 


Path of the Eagle 1 – Walking the Shamanic Journey – Four Online Modules 

In this webinar on classic shamanism, Fotoula Adrimi shares practices, teachings and ceremonies that will help participants access a deeper calling as they walk their shamanic path. It will also strengthen people's journeying experience in the alternative realities. The course has been created through Fotoula's experience in teaching classic shamanism as well as direct revelation from her helping spirits. 


Path of the Eagle 2 – Shamanic Purification – Five Online Modules

In this course Fotoula shares practices, teachings and ceremonies that will help participants step on a healing journey of purification.

Path of the Eagle 3 – Ancestral Work – Seven Online Modules

Fotoula and her helping spirits have put together this course to help participants heal and clear their ancestral line, and open to the power and gifts of light of their lineage. This is a stand-alone course. Participants do not have to have completed any other Path of the Eagle Course to take part. The only prerequisite is experience in shamanic journeying.

Women's Rites Course – The Magic of the Sacred Blood – Four Online Modules

In this recorded course we come together as a community of women to harness our Divine feminine energy and rebirth our sacred self. We join in circle as maidens, mothers and elders to share ceremonies, wisdom teachings, and the gifts of our soul. The course is facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi.

Testimonial – Linda


I had issues with my liver for 14 years that had progressed to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Despite significant medical intervention, alternative remedies, and dietary changes the disease had continued to progress.The consultant informed me that the disease was now categorised as stage 3, as my last scan had identified fibrosis. He believed the damage was due to an autoimmune disorder that could not be identified. The prognosis did not look good and he explained that this could lead to cirrhosis of the liver and I would potentially need a liver transplant.


Being part of The ISIS School Shamanic Practitioner Training was a great support during this difficult time. During one the training weekends Fotoula invited me to be the person she demonstrated on to show the other participants a particular technique. Following the weekend I attended the hospital for a Fibroscan that would determine how the liver disease was progressing.


For many reasons I did not want a transplant and I was aware that without one this disease could be fatal. Before going to the hospital I discussed my decision with my husband. It was very distressing for both of us and I was so scared for my children and family. I attended the appointment and after a few minutes of scanning the nurse said she was going to get a second opinion. I feared the worst at this point. Another nurse came and then a doctor was asked to attend. Despite my questions no-one would tell me what was happening but I was acutely aware that everyone was very confused.


After the scan I was told to go and meet the consultant. He asked me to verify my details and asked some questions about how long and at what level I had been dealing with this issue. I explained about the poor prognosis and to my absolute astonishment he then told me that there was minimal and insignificant damage to my liver. I wholeheartedly believe that this was achieved through the healing intervention by Fotoula and her helping spirits. And myself and my family will be eternally grateful for this.

Forest Trees

Introductory talk and Shamanic Journey on power animals and power retrieval by Fotoula Adrimi 

Online Shamanic Circle – The Way of the Drum

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