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Star Beings Speak 1: Channellings & Activations

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In this webinar Fotoula Adrimi channels the energy & words of Star Beings of the Light, from Orion and Sirius, who wish to speak about our times & help us on our evolutionary path (Webinar 92mins) The Star Beings Speak – The downloads of Light Codes of Power we offer you are already in your energy field, but they lie dormant in most people. The etheric energies flow to the planet to awaken what you already have inside. Some people are catalysts for this to happen and enhance the process. Fotoula is one of these catalysts. It is our wish to bring more people together and offer them the keys of power that will further unlock the human potential. This is already happening for some of you. The Path of Illumination is opening for those who wish to walk it. It is your collective wish of returning to your inherent nature of Oneness that has created this time and is opening these doors for you. May your steps guide you to your own Light consciousness. We guide and facilitate this work, through our channel, Fotoula Adrimi. This Circle is of great value to us as it holds a very pure and clear intention that enables the sacred space to be created for the activation. We also wish to say this to raise your awareness: There are some who claim to work in our name and unfortunately it is not true. Use your discernment in choosing where you work and with whom, as not everyone in your World who claims to work from the heart, does so. What you need: A small clear quartz crystal with a point




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